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Tools for skills developement
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European forestry and agriculture has gone through a rapid change during the recent decades. Manual work of unskilled staff has been replaced by modern computerised machinery . In the same time the demand for other services from the land based industires has increased especially in equine, animal care and tourism This developement has increased the request for competent and well trained staff who also have social skills, being service minded and communicative also in English. For machine operators the increasing mobility is a partly a result of frequent storms throughout Europe causing large areas of storm felled forest in a random distribution between countries. English is mostly used language in manuals, spare part catalogues and computers and it is necessary to have a basic level of english to operate a forest machine and work in another country. For people working with services in equine and animal care, social and communicative skills (including English) are necessary in tourism related activities. Stora Segerstad has together wtih the German and the Brittish partner developed ECVET units primarily designed for forestry students. In this project the scope is widened to the rest of the green sector, with the aim to use and develop a teaching material that has been developed in order to make use of "content and language intergrated learning" methods. 32 Vet learners will go through the programme for "Social skills" on Ireland and Spain, 16 will do the environment management in Germany and 16 will follow the programme for "machine operation" in Scotland. 8 students with special needs will do "Enviornment management" in Scotland. 8 teachers will train the methodology for "content and language intergrated learning" in Scotland and another 8 will do the same course in Germany Expected results and objectives: 1) Intergrated language and professional training methods tested and further developed 2) Ecvet units applied and tested in three different areas ; machine operation, environmental management and social skills 3) The interactive teaching material "Tools for skills" that has been developed in a TOI project will be tested and further developed Students will find more interest in learning language when you mix the teaching with vocational subjects. Language teachers and vocational teachers will find new ways of working together This project will bring new ways of thinking in pedagogical methods by making teachers with different subjects working together, more motivated students for language learning and higher level of vocational skills among workers who will be more competetive and mobile than ever before

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