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Tools for CLIL Language Teachers
Start date: Jan 1, 2012,

CLIL and LWUTL teachers depend on developing own resources (EURYDICE 2005 report “Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe”) and as is concluded in the ICC report “The Impact of New Information Technologies and Internet on the Teaching of Foreign Languages..”: “There will be a shift from passive consumption of ready-made programmes to independent building of content, tailor made for specific groups or individuals”. The project proposes to develop a free online service / tool as easy to use as Google and Facebook, which will enable language teachers from LdV, Erasmus, and Grundtvig sectors to create multimedia webpages for language learning with all words automatically linked to online dictionaries in +100 languages. The advantage of a fully online tool is that it will work from all existing and future operating systems (not just Microsoft), it will enable creation of language learning multimedia webpages from and to mobile devices like tablets (e.g. iPads). The users will have options of making the resulting webpages immediately online for free through the developed system or downloading them for uploads to their own websites. The resulting webpages will support all characters (UTF8) so it may be used for languages like Lithuanian and Arabic. The project teams will demonstrate the system strengths and make exemplary language learning materials for Arabic, Danish, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The dissemination channels will be through (+50,000 users/year), 10 newsletters, conferences EfVET, CILT, Worldcall, and Eurocall, pilot courses, and associated partners. Exploitation will during the project period target 560 language teacher students and teachers (and thus ultimately language learners). Free online courses will continue to take place after the project period through e.g. “Webheads” and the associated project partners. Minimum target: +2,000 language teachers.
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