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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project aims at eliminating racism and prejudices, which are caused by the ethnic wars in the Middle East and the other regions of the world, by increasing religious, cultural, and ethnic tolerance among the societies of the world. Because of the wars, the ongoing intense migrations to Turkey and Europe have caused people feel uneasy and unrest since people from different countries, religions, beliefs and cultures have to live together. With the aim of being familiar with different cultures closely and spending some time together, participants coming from partner countries will experience these feelings thanks to our project.For our project, we will choose Hatay as a model place where people with different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds have been living together at peace for hundreds of years. We want to show our attendants how religiously, culturally, and ethnically diverse people have been living safely and peacefully without causing a single problem to each other. We want to prove our attendants how these people have been living in the same apartment buildings with respecting each other, walking on the same streets where Churches and Mosques are located next to each other, and going to pray and doing religious ceremonies safely without hating and/or hiding from each other. During our project, we will visit St. Pierre Church in Hatay which is the first Church in the world, and also, the first Church in which the “Christian” name was used for the first time in the world. Right after visiting the St. Pierre, we will visit the Habib-i Neccar Cami which is the first Mosque built in Anatolia region of Turkey. Afterwards, we will visit many other holy places in Hatay including Orthodox and Catholic Churches, Mosques, and Synagouges. During all of our visits, we will meet and make conversations with Fathers, Priests, and Imams( Mr. Domenico Bertogli, Mr. Jon Dellüller, Mr. Yakub Chang and Mr.Fethullah Uğraş) of the all holy places about leniency. If our project attendants have any questions, they can direct their questions and get their answers right away. After directing the questions and receiving the answers, we all are going to hear Fathers, Priests, and Imams messages about the World Peace. At the end, the Group Çok Sesler(Polyphonic), a music choir whose members have different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, will join us and sing a few melodies in different languages and religions. Mustafa Kemal Universty Social Anthropologist Expert Mr.Koray Cengiz going to make a presentation about the history of different cultures to participantsFor our project, we will ask 4 candidates and 1 group leader, within the range of 18-30 years old, from an each country. And then, we will choose 7 limited opportunities in other words never having the chance to meet new cultures ever before- attendants in total among the all candidates based on gender equality. Before selecting our attendants, we will also pay attention to the candidates who are specifically living in homogenous societies and have never get a chance to meet or talk to anyone whose religions, cultures, and ethnicities are different from their own or who never had the opportunity to see worship places of different beliefs . By doing this, they can be the first to introduce and spread the positive side of our project within their native homogenous society.We are going to prepare an informal education method for our project attendants so that we are going to get a support from project specialists. On the other hand, in order to reach huge masses of people, we are aiming to make a short film and get it broadcasted and advertised by the help of our project partners, the media, and our beloved friends. We believe that each individual has a power to influence the people around himself or herself and we do not underestimate this power. We, also, believe that we can influence positively and change our project attendants’ ideas if they feel hatred, anxiety and doubtfulness living together with religiously, culturally, and ethnically diverse society in this short period of time. In the long run, with our influence, they can change the ideas of their families and their societies. And their societies can change the world into a better place where we can live together and forever at peace
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