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Tolerance in Action
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The planned activities in the"Tolerance in Action" project are mostly informational ones, what means that our main objective is to inform, to show and explain to youth what is tolerance and tolerant attitude. The reality of Belarus is the fact that we life in a really homogeneous society and still have not experienced some challenges which other European countries have already experienced. As we know from our experiance, Belarusian youth do not have a lot of opportunities to contact with foreigners and this can couse, if they will met with new situation maybe they will do not know how to react. We try to foster mutual understanding between young people form different countries, which is especially advanced by the involvement of EVS volunteers in the local community. Our volunteers will be managing with a great number of workshops, debate-clubs and other activities related to topics like: tolerance in general as well as cultural diversity, multiculturalism, migration processes, globalization. Our volunteers and Belarusian young people will be able to share their experience what, in our opinion, is extremely useful as there is few other contact opportunities between Belarusian and European youth. That is why we consider this project as great stage in imbibing European identity in our EU-neighboring country. In long-term volunteering service "Tolerance in Action" 2 volunteers will take part in project which will last 10 months and take place in Minsk city in Belaruse in organization OIP.Preferably we would like that volunteers start their service since1st September of 2016. One of the volunteer is alsready chosen: Izabela Nogwica, second one is not identified yest. We have the following activities proposals: 1. Workshops and informational meetings about tolerance in general as well as cultural diversity, multiculturalism, migration processes, globalization etc;2. Participation in trainings about tolerance delivered by Office for Initiatives Promotion.; Educational camp for children (Minsk region, Belarus); Trainings about tolerance for youth and youth workers 3. Language courses of Polish/English; 4. Debate-club in Polish5. Language courses of Russian/Belarusian for EVSers; 6. Presentation about EVS experience or participation in a day of open doors (questions about EVS) 7. Study visits to regional cities with workshops about tolerance; 8. Meeting in youth centers about Polish culture and traditions;; 9. “Cultural Saturdays” (cultural-related events);10. Designing and holding training courses on intercultural dimension for young people of Minsk community11. Individual project (preferably related to the topic of tolerance); As for Belarusian youth and youth workers we believe that they are going to receive all the necessary information about the topic till such extend that they use it in their daily life and correct some of their behavior habits. It would be really desirable if some of Belarusian youngsters will be inspired by EVSers activities and will continue delivering workshops and training in Belarus or as EVS-volunteer. They will become more open to minorities who lives in Belaruse. As the main goal of the project is to inform about and to promote tolerance, we expect a kind of multiplication effect what means that youth who participated in the EVSers’ activities will also carry out similar workshops and presentations in their schools or local communities and later as EVS-volunteers. This possible chain reaction is able to strongly improve the situation with tolerance in Belarus. We also expect that volunteers’ reports and blogs will inspire other volunteers both in Poland and Belarus who would like to contribute to the dissemination of tolerance in general and the results of this project in particular to organize similar events in their communities.

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