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Tolerance: A Fact or a Fiction?
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lately to our attention came the problem of coexistence between various ethnic, national, religious or culturally different groups. Deep and often hidden belief of superiority brings on high level of aggresion, intoleran tbehaviour and hate speech of young people, while the age limit is permanently getting lower. Mentioned behaviour is ivisible at home, as well as in school, amongst friends, in public or during sports events. The goal of our youth Exchange is to map the situation of aggresive behaviour of young people and expressions of intolerance in partners countries. We will focus on racism, discrimination, LGBTI intolerance and xenophoby in the society, advertised by media and via social networks. With this project we will contribute to the intercultural skills of the participants like: - to see the difference as an opportunity for self-development - to respect ever-growing cultural diversity - to bewilling to repress own prejudice and stereotypes This international Exchange will attend 36 young people aged between 16 - 22 years, and 7 leaders from Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Georgia, who wants to gain new information about this topic, and see the ways of how the partner countries are dealing with it. Activities done during the Exchange will be focused on mutual acquaintance and icebreaking, intercultural learning, team work, skit preparation, making of leaflets, videos and evaluating activities. Used methods will be: brainstorming, discussion, teamwork, rele plays and dramatization, energizers, buzz groups. Through activities the participants can aware potentional after effects, which can cause hate speech and intolerance. They will reflect their own experience and expand their motivation to act in accord with human rights, against intolerance and hate speech. This project and Erasmus+ Programme will be both diseminated during the exchange by activity in the town of Banska Bystrica, which will help to boost up the interest of the public in this topic. It will all be presented in the project’s results. After the project is over, all partner organizations will disseminate the results and use them in their respective activities. We strongly believe, that participants, who are potentional victims of intolerance, will gaint he trust in themselves. Othe rparticipants consider as useful actively participate in supressing intolerance and aggression.
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