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Together we will get it
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The «Together we will do it»EVS project is sought to take in four young people, two young women and two young men, from Romania, the Czech Republic, Macedonia and Bosnia. The activities will take place in «Las Rozas de Madrid», Spain, during a nine-month period. The volunteers will join the programme in two batches: the first one will be made up of two young men, and in their eighth month of stay the two young women will join in. This way, the first two will have one month to help the new ones get installed. The volunteers will contribute to an employability and informal education project for disabled people. As the volunteers start to integrate into a different community, and as they offer their support and collaboration in domestic and European courses, their sense of belonging to the European Union will start to increase, as well as their acquisition of responsibilities as citizens of such a Union. In view of it contributing directly to the local urban area development support, as it encourages the social abilities and competences of the unemployed people in this region, the project’s subject matter is European citizenship and urban development. Our project’s goalis to support the large number of unemployed Europeans, especially unemployed youth, at the same time volunteers are offered the opportunity of learning about the great European working possibilities,especially the Spanish ones. The last mentioned will acquire new abilities and competences, which represent a key element for the change towards a better Europe. The project includes three main work areas: youth work, language exchange and cultural exchange, all of them based on the caring commitment within the environment and the principle of living in community as a whole.The aim is for volunteers to get involved in the following activities: developing and running of the organization; teamwork; occupational and informal education; and European subsidies. The profile is made up by participative and creative young people who will contribute to the experience the value of multiculturalism, the appreciation of the unknown, respect for diversity and the promoting of sustainable development. This way the perform of their activity will be facilitated within the scope of a safeguarding human rights society, as well as peaceful, fair and egalitarian. The volunteers will collaborate together with the organization’s staff. They will be supported with an initial evaluation seminar, on arrival, and with another interim evaluation seminar, this last one conducted by the «Agencia Nacional Española». Furthermore, they will be taught a three-hour Spanish course per week throughout all the process. The whole of the activities will be coordinated and guided by both the sending and host organizations.
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