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Together we'll dance the new steps of voluntarism!
Start date: Jan 22, 2012,

30 young people from Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro, Estonia, Serbia and Latvia will meet youth and citizens of local community, where neighbors forget to communicate between each other and to be united when its needed, trying to alive some parts of one local community. During challenging and interesting 10 days of sharing, together they will explore what is missing in their neighborhood and, connected with European Year of Volunteering, they will have opportunity to realize voluntary action and create a characteristic dance what will be a symbol of the neighborhood and will remember how citizens and youth can be united and together do what is important for their needs in order to have better quality of life. Active participation of citizens, especially older people will be used as positive value and example how one healthy society can be developed with help of voluntarism. One of the main task will be, as much as it possible, to involve youth with fewer opportunities and with their active involvement to make our dance more victorious. Before implementation, group will get closer with youth and together they will engage their parents and neighbors and, based on the needs of their neighborhood, they will collect ideas, suggestion in the shortest time as it possible and prepare voluntary action what will be visible in whole neighborhood. Group will also record all their steps of preparing and realizing their activities, and short movie will be given to all countries`s participants and to officials of local community. Interactive games and active participation will be used as main method in work with participants in order to support young people to be actively involved in local community development and encourage their friends with fewer opportunities.
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