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Together we learn, together we grow
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are passionate about giving the children at Oakworth Primary School a deep, broad and stimulating understanding of the wider world in which they live. We feel that this project will offer pupils opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on and may even inspire them to work, study or live abroad in the future. Breaking down barriers, promoting tolerance and celebrating diversity are our fundamental aims in order to develop children's ability to empathise and work collaboratively with others in the future.As part of this project, the funding will allow 2 members of staff from Oakworth Primary School to visit C.E.I.P Manuel Vidal Portela in Spain. The purpose of this visit is job-shadowing in connection with an ongoing school partnership and a new eTwinning project called ‘Together we learn, together we grow’. The visit to the school will enable participants to address the objectives in their European Development Plans.This project will fulfil our objectives within our European Development Plan and help us to address our school improvement targets:1. Study Nursery/Early Years provision, management and organisation in order to inform our school's approach to our upcoming expansion.2. Observe the impact of Nursery/Early Years provision on the most able and most vulnerable pupil's outcomes as they move through primary education.3. Job-shadow across a range of curriculum subjects in order to gain an understanding of how to give our pupils enhanced opportunities during their time at Oakworth Primary School.4. Compare curriculums.5. Observe the impact of strategies used in foreign language teaching in order to improve our practice. We will highlight similarities and differences to teaching approaches e.g. How much of a foreign language lesson is taught in the target language? What impact does this have on the rate of children's progress in that language? 5. Gather ideas on how tolerance is promoted and how diversity is celebrated.6. Look at how feedback and marking is delivered to pupils and the impact of this feedback on pupil's progress.7. Develop and strengthen our already established link with C.E.I.P Manuel Vidal Portela.All information and ideas gathered will be discussed by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and governing body and will enable us to pursue our commitment to improving, enabling us to meet our school improvement targets:In addition, these activities will enable us to make well informed and strategic decisions about how to manage our nursery expansion giving the pupils improved outcomes. Information about the curriculum will be used to enable us to plan our curriculum for the following academic year, and strategies which have a positive impact on language learning will be used in Spanish lessons at our school. Similarly, successful effective feedback strategies will be implemented in school. Ideas to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity will be introduced across the entire school. The outcomes of the project will be disseminated throughout school through staff meetings, assemblies for pupils, and in our wider area through cluster meetings. The teachers who participate in the job-shadowing will develop their language skills and further their understanding of how to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity. Other teachers in school will be able to implement effective strategies for teaching foreign languages and giving feedback. The SLT will be able to plan an exciting and effective nursery expansion. Pupils will have a deep understanding of diversity and how when we 'work together', we 'learn together'.The impact is expected to be:-An improvement to the organisation of our nursery expansion-More effective analysis of pupil progress data-Exploration of different methods of classroom organisation-Improved outcomes for the most able and the most vulnerable pupils-Improved quality of teaching and learning through reflection on excellent practice observed-Wider networking opportunities across Europe-Continued development of linking schools work, supporting our application for the International School Award-Deepened understanding of the country and culture of Spain -Significantly improved language competency-Opportunity to discuss face-to-face with Spanish colleagues to plan future projects-Developed understanding of the KA1 opportunities available-Tolerance promoted and diversity celebrated-Pupils inspired to pursue language learning in the futureIn the longer term, we plan to share our experiences with our colleagues in the local cluster of 13 schools, to encourage more staff mobilities for high quality professional development.
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