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"Together we can!"
Start date: Jul 15, 2014, End date: Mar 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Tolerance, the fear of openness, narrow approach to other cultures are relevant matters all over the world today. We meet the tolerance in our everyday life, but unfortunately in most cases we know only theoretical value of this word, but not the practical one. While living in our small city we noticed that our peers, young people, are intolerant of other individuals clothing, behavior or even different culture and beliefs. This matter is relevant to young people from our partner's countries too. The main goal of the project called "Together we can!" - to foster the knowledge of other cultures, international collaboration and tolerance, to create open and public-spirited society, to develop tolerant attitude to different culture, religion or society. We will look deeper into the questions like "What is like to be tolerant? What is tolerance? Is the intolerance one of the biggest problem of the society?" by using the methods of non-formal education and physical activities. Each country will prepare creative labs and reveal their attitude to the topic of the project. We will create reportages on the topic "The attitude of Rokiškis city people toward foreigners". During national evenings each country will present the culture, customs and stereotypes of their country. We will arrange a competition of national sports of participating countries, football and basketball, for Rokiškis community. Within seven days, the participants from Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Latvia will be living, working, communicating and having a good time. All of this will give the experience in teamwork and it will help them to enhance self-confidence, get conflict management experience and refuse prior fears and attitudes. Furthermore, while communicating with foreign country's organizations we will promote tolerance, international communication and knowledge of different cultures. So we think that knowledge and wider range of vision helps to form your strong opinion, but not to take someone's else.

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