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Together in traditions - together in the future

Together in traditions - Together in the future is the project in English, where four countries from south, centre and north of Europe participate. Our schools respond to changes which are typical for contemporary society and try to offer our pupils new, interesting and effective methods of learning. We want to result from our roots and values, we are interested in traditions and culture, folklore, arts, dance, sports and important personalities of another countries and want to find common way through Europe. We want to encourage our pupils to use foreign language and to find new ways of communication. We want to get pieces of knowledge about our values, nature and history and get concrete picture about contemporary Europe following our own experience and activity. Our pupils will get opportunity to meet their peers from Europe, compare life styles, learn other countries’ customs and traditions. They will communicate via e-mails and use English when they meet their friends from the partner countries. All the project activities aim at enhancing the pupils’ motivation to learn foreign language and to increase their tolerance and understanding of European diversity.
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