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For two years the Mihaly Vaci Residential Hall in Budapest and the Çerkeş Anatolian High School worked the project Together in Europe. The Hungarian students visited Çerkeş in Turkey in September 2009 and the Turkish partner came to Budapest in April 2010. We worked on historical topics like famous personalities, historical events and the present situation in Turkey, Hungary and Europe. A preparatory meeting in Budapest helped plan the project. Project work was planned and well organized influenced by new ideas. Each topic was dealt with profoundly. During the project meeting in Budapest we had workshops in smaller towns like Rackeve, Kunpeszer, we also visited baths, pottery activity, saddle show, painting of eggs, ancient Hungarian runes and leatherworking. The Hungarian partner learnt the Turkish language and had more than 20 language lessons and the Turkish partner also learnt the Hungarian language. Many students learnt a lot of words, expressions and had diverse knowledge on culture and history. Some of the students were able to communicate using the mother tongue of the other country and could also use the three-lingual vocabulary to talk to each other. The cooperation was exemplary between the students and teachers of the two countries and at the end of the project meetings many of the students had friendly relations with each other and have been mailing each other since then. But it is natural after two years’ intensive work together. The Mihály Váci Residential Hall was the project coordinator and this summary expresses that the two partners has accomplished the programme planned in the project plan and added new elements to the plan but the additions had a meaning because the every part of the cooperation helped the two partners know each other and come closer. Both of them know more about its beliefs, culture, history and language, and the partners hope that Turkey will be soon the member of the European Union.
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