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Together in Europe - Inclusive education in early childhood
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project acts a profiled part during the final class in the professional school “BBS 5 Braunschweig“ for becoming an educator. It is an basic objective to enable the students a valid and action-oriented profit of skills. These skills should qualify the students for an inclusive and intercultural education for their professional life in the future. Apart from the specialized involvement with an inclusive education in Europe it is important to road-test the own functional and methodical skills with high demands for the own intercultural and social – communicative skills. The individual skills are made concrete as the results of learning which are associated with three learning units. It is planned that all in all 30 students are going abroad for six weeks right before the graduation of their training. They are going to win these skills during active and educational work in local institutions in eight different countries in Europe. For the first week there will be a research of the institution and the students will work out the conception of it and it`s rules and structures of work. In the third week the own educational work is the most important which turns out to be more and more independent and self-employed. This educational and active work is determined by the conditions and rules of the institutions and is aimed at the results of learning. Results of learning are concerned to the own development of the communicative skills on condition that there are new surroundings in a new and unfamiliar situation. The evaluation of processes of working in groups concerning inclusion and exclusion and the objective evaluation of the organisational conditions inside the institution and also the fact if it offers a freedom from barriers concerning the inclusive education are elementary for the results of learning. The programme of this project starts at the beginning of the education. Students who are interested in this project have to take part in a special class in which they are assisted in preparing their application and get to know all the conditions and the organisation of the project. During the project a monitoring finds place with the help of the world wide web, for example by e-mailing and instruments of self-assessment and judgement which are geared to each other. The new documented skills are going to be valued within the context of the education, especially the actice part. The skills will qualify the students in their personal data sheet. The next part of the practical education will take part in local institutions where a transfer of conceptual suggestions and methods takes place. Furthermore experiences of the project will be local published in form of a PDF file. Results will be presented in study groups in which the “BBS 5 Braunschweig“ takes part. Through the project the students are going to win new experiences and attitudes for their qualification for profession. Further on the international focus of the “BBS 5 Braunschweig“ will be well provided during the project. The international focus also turns out by taking a look at the learning contents of the school. Students are going to be trained by having a special point of view of international work processes and seeing the advantages of working transnational. One of the many valuable aims of this project is to create a long-term profit for the students. The European perspective will be taken for granted, available and will be supported by the students.
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