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Together in a European diversity
Start date: Mar 1, 2011,

Together network deals intensively with young people with fewer opportunities and the topic of youth participation for several years. We developed numerous projects in the frame of youth in action, like short-term EVS, youth exchanges and collected a lot of good practices. In 2009, we developed the "Youth Voice" project that brought together 90 young people from all the 27 EU countries with the support and patronages from 25 MEP and well-known elected people, like Major of Paris, for example, and well-known international experts.The new project will bring together 10 European countries, 2 organisations per country (FR-LU-TR-SI-CZ-EE-PL-PT-IT-GR).This project will give a chance to more than 1000 young people to participate in a complex and coherent self-development programme. All in all, we plan to communicate with more than 10000 people about the activity and its results.The programme will encompass:-international reflexion weeksyoung people from every organisation (20 NGOs or NFG), mainly multiplyers will participate in one or more of the 3 international reflexion weeks combined with study visits (organised in Slovenia, Luxembourg and Italy).These reflexions will give a chance to get knowledge, to share good practices, have reflexion about youth, the way to work on a European level with difficult youth, raise self-esteem, and of course increase participation and also come up with innovative, creative ideas and concept for youth participation. The 3 weeks will be focused on different topics: "Youth and environment" in Slovenia, "European awareness" and youth in Luxembourg and "Youth and cultural heritage" in Italy.We will encourage implementation with the participant of an Al .2 youth initiative what will be self-administrated by a group of disadvantaged young people.-pilot projertsIn every country young people will start after the reflexion weeks projects on local level with their coordinators and multipliers. Some of them will bedefined on the follow up activity program from the reflexion weeks, mostly oriented on YIA. Some of them will be developed on local level.-young people support and coachingThe young people will get support in a form of a training to realise their activities.Visibility and valorisation:We will create an interactive Internet portal linked to a international database. This will serve as a platform for promotion of youth participation among young people, decision-makers, media and general public and for exchange of good practices.A communication national and international plan will also be organised to increase the visibility of the event and the Youth in Action programme
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