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Together Forever
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sports, similar to a unified Europe can only be successful when there is cooperation. Our project will simulate athletic aspects of the European world cup and also the knowledge of our youth to demonstrate that cooperation is a vital part of growth. Firstly we will break into groups consisting of one person from each country making up European groups. Throughout the project we will have to overcome various obstacles either being of an athletic (sport) nature or an academic (knowledge) nature with particular emphasis on the European System in Place. Each group will need to select the member who would be best suited for each task to increase their chance of winning the gold. The idea of the project is to stimulate the cooperation between Europeans from different countries so that they can achieve one common goal. Through these activities and challenges we will better understand the EU system in place and how important it is to work together in order to progress as nations and as one Europe. We will see how we can utilise the strengths of some people for certain tasks and how to assist others with their weaknesses so that unified we are stronger. We will test our knowledge about each other as people and as countries and understand the importance of cultural diversity and understanding in our growth. We will test our knowledge on world facts and understand where we stand as Europeans in the world and how we play a vital role in the world today. In addition to the above the sports aspect will also promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the youth. Workshops will be designed to maintain a European dimension as all groups will be made up of at least one person from each country allowing for cultural learning during the workshops. Workshops are designed around the various subjects allowing the participants to discuss the issues and work together to solve problems and share experiences. Role playing will also be used to allow the participants to get another perspective of different problems. This has proven to be very successful as it allows for the participants to see common problems from the viewer’s point of view rather than the actor. This also allows for innovative ways showing problems. Simulations are also done during the project, allowing people to take on roles which are opposite to their real roles. During the simulations the participants will take on roles to re-enact a real situation based on events and problems in the real world. The participants will work together in their different roles to solve problems and to find solutions to these problems. Important here is that the participants take on random roles which add additional learning tools as they need to think and act as the person they are simulating. Using all the above tools and methodologies the participants learn through informal and non-formal methodologies which are real and based on past experiences. As a result we hope to give our participants and our youth a better understanding of the EU system and their importance as citizens of the EU and the importance of their countries in EU family as member states. In addition to learning about the problems the youth will also exchange cultures and traditions and learn about the different cultures from the different countries allowing for better understanding of each other and therefore creating a more unified EU, fighting xenophobia and also discrimination. This project was developed as a result of a previous project where problems were identified about the knowledge and feeling of young people in the EU about their involvement in the EU as individuals and as countries. We discovered that young people don’t really understand how the EU works, what their place in the EU is and what their obligations are. We want to help young people understand the concept of the EU. We have chosen sports as a medium to help them understand this concept better. The EU is currently made up of 28 countries, some are major players, but the majority are minorities within the EU and sometimes feel insignificant. We need to show that every country regardless of how big or small, is a contributor to the EU and plays a vital role in the EU. The objective is to allow the youth to better understand that by being active members of a society people and by working together and also contributing to the growth of the EU and at the same time be key players in the EU. The idea is to allow all youth to feel equally important in the EU and in their countries. The project adopted sports as the medium to simulate the workings of the EU allowing participants to work together in international groups to utilise individual strength to make the groups stronger and also to understand weaknesses so that we can help each other be stronger as a whole. This created some personal issues which the participants needed to overcome using innovative approaches to overcoming problems and weaknesses and also using the best s

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