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5.1 The project ”TOGETHER FOR A HEALTHIER WORLD” is a partnership between schools from the following countries: Romania (coordinator), Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria and England. The project’s theme is ecology and the environment, and intercultural exchange. The project’s main aim is to improve the learning to learn skills for the students, their linguistic competences, to develop a range of approaches to teaching, to improve life for the disadvantaged students by offering them an improved educational system, to develop the students’ literacy, their pro-ecological skills, their creative skills, to achieve an intercultural exchange and to improve the educational process and the school management. The main activities will be: teachers’ meetings, discussions, exchange of pedagogical materials and experience, courses on new pedagogical approaches. The students will improve their language learning skills by participating in outdoor activities, excursions, competitions, group activities, role play, workshops, discussions, debates, games and language classes within the school curriculum. The project is seen by all the partners as an opportunity to reduce the early school leaving, to encourage creativity, initiative and innovation, to make the learning process more attractive. It will also be an opportunity for the teachers to improve their teaching methods and to offer to disadvantaged rural students the opportunity to increase their motivation to learn, to know and understand the world better, to become better citizens of the European and global community and to develop their personalities in a healthy way.
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