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Történelmi körút kerékpáron / Historická vínna cesta ne bicykli (Történelmi körút kerékpáron / Historická vínna cesta na bicykli)
Start date: Nov 30, 2009, End date: Jan 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The towns of Moldava and Encs are partner towns.The regions of Moldava and Encs are historically and geographically connected.Both regions are economically and socially underdeveloped. Especially ont he Hungarian side, the economy is on a very low level, agriculture is dominant . The peopler´s supplementary income also comes from agriculture.These two regions were under recently divided by a state border. After the border was removed there came the opportunity for cooperation and joint development of the region. One of the areas of development is tourism.In recent years the number of tourists int he regions has risen, and therefore there was an increase int he people´s income. This was realized especially int he areas of trade, catering and accommodation. The general tendency, even in other countries, is that the rate of income from tourism increases, which is noticeable here as well, but in a lower standard than elsewhere.Even though there is an expectation of tourism development, as there are several natural reservations int he area. Ont he Slovak side it is the Slovak Karst. In Hungary a natural reservation is being formed right now. The slower development od tourism is caused by the infrastructural unreadiness of both reagions for the arrival of tourists.A part of this infrasctructure is the existence, or rather absence of bicycle routes.Because of the closeness of the reservations and of the national park we find it important not to increase the motor transport, but rather the bicycle and hiking tourism.The mentioned regions are not prepared for building a bicycle route, as they do not have the needed documentation /study, realization project, construction project, legal owners /property documents for the route ) and withoutthese it is impossible to start the building of the route to connect the two towns.Main goal: to work out the studies and documents and implementation projects fo r the bicycle route between the towns Moldava upon Bodva abd Encs. Achievements: The regions of Moldava nad Bodvou and Encs are historically and geographically connected. Both regions are economicly and socially underdeveloped and were divided by the state border. After the border was removed, there was an opportunity for cooperation and a joint development of the regions. One of the areas of development is tourism. The aim of the project was to provide documentation for a cycle path connecting Moldava nad Bodvou with Encs. Based on the Common Feasibility Study the route itinerary had to be negotiated. At the same time, a joint promotion material of the region was elaborated.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
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