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The main aim of this project is to learn about living conditions, energy sources , architecture and infrastructure of the area in which we live and compare it with these aspects of life in countries with which we are going to cooperate. We would also like to interest children in the history of the architecture in their own areas. Collective creation of the house of the future European, with integration of different cultures and living styles as well as analysing the level of energy efficiency and awareness of the partners countries to energy use in the home.To fulfil the project children of the partner schools will have to make a description of everyday life in their area( correspondence between children), the exchange of video movies and photographs, pictures, photos of houses and their nearest surroundings.During the project an international Illustrated Dictionary of Vocabulary connected with the theme will be prepared. It will consist of correct spelling and pronunciation. The final edition will be recorded on a CDThe project will be added to the school schedule for years 2008 – 2010. Teachers will include the elements of the project during their lessons. The age group of the students will range from 10-13 years.
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