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Today´s Youth, Tomorrow´s Leaders
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of Youth exchange arose during the “Youth to youth” – Leader project, in which the 4H association of Uurainen carried out the objects of activating local youth to plan and organize youngster´s event by themselves with the help of adult’s coaching. Youth to youth –project start last autumn and youngsters planned their own Summer Party –event, which was held 31.5.2014 as a school ending party. After this event this core group is keen to new challenges, like to take part in international activities, learn more about event production and hopefully rewarding and fun cooperation with other European youth. Last February the manager of 4H association participated the Innovative village - transnational Leader project’s study trip to Northern Ireland. After that trip, during spring the local youngsters came up an idea of youth exchange project with youngster’s in Estonian and Northern Ireland, as these countries have been involved with the Innovative village – transnational Leader project. We want to organize youth exchange event in Finland, as a part of a bigger youth´s project. During this project we want to visit our partner countries with the help of Youth exchange programme. The common targets is to • give youth opportunities for international activities, • learn more of the new cultures, • understand different behavior and be more tolerant • become more active European citizens and • encourage to learn what kind of impact the active participation will have to their future lives With this youth exchange the objectives is to improve youngster’s skills in team working, using English language and responsible life skills as well as network both the youth and youth worker’s with our new partners and get new friends. They get also more courage to take part in home village/-town activities, to analyze their own participation and understand how they benefit of being active and having positive attitude for internationalization. Also we hope that 4H association reputations in Uurainen will enlighten because of this new international activity and we get to learn new working methods from our partner’s youth work. Youth exchange will also be an exciting experience for the Estonians, but especially for the Irish youth, as they get an opportunity to see and feel the possibilities and challenges the Finnish winter and our climate can bring to our everyday life. The participants to this youth exchange carried out in Finland: 12 youngster + 3 adults from Finland, 12 youngters + 3 adults from Estonia, 12 youngster + 3 adults from Northern Ireland. The Finnish participants are activists in our 4H youth clubs. The Estonians are active youngsters in Ülenurme municipalities youthwork and the Irish youngsters are involved in youth and sport clubs Portglenone village area. This youth exchange is a part of a bigger project, where should have series of three youth exchange, the first in Finland 23.- 27.2.2015, second in Estonia in July 2015 and the third in Northern Ireland in October 2015. We have also planned to apply again for the last exchange in spring / summer 2016, where all these youngsters could meet again and organize together an event in Uurainen, Finland The main methods to achieve the targets are: learning by doing, get to know each other by playing and with problem solving games, team working and individual tasking, learning the self evaluation and through this discover what kind of skills each participants have been improving during this project. We shall use also the YouthPass. The objectives for the participants are improved life management and language skills, increasing participation to activities in hometown/village, understanding the benefits of being active for the future life. We are also aiming to increase tolerance towards other European citizens and networking in international level, so that youngsters can make new European friends and learn also to organize events. Through Youth exchange we want also to get new ideas to develop our own working methods and habits. The aimed impact for youngsters are the life management skills. Youth exchange teaches them to take responsibility of their own actions, and improves time management, team working and language skills. During the exchances youth get more courage to their own activities and learn how much they can achieve by being active. Also we hope that 4H association reputations and image in Uurainen will be better because we can offer new international activities, which are yet not available in our small municipality. This youth exchange have good prospects for the future, as we hope to get more new projects in international level. That way we can continue internationalization in our community.
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