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1 kindergarten (Norway) and 3 European schools (Slovenia, Germany and Italy) were involved in the project that promoted healthy ways of living by being creative in different ways (do art, play music, prepare and enjoy healthy food, do sports, etc.). Staff and children carried out some creative educational workshops in association with different local partners (parents, local community, artists, health and environmental groups). They undertook mobility activities (4 meetings) to enrich their understanding of each other’s different European identities and to cooperate in some creative actions together. Pictures about “Future house of healthy living” were circulating among partners and then step by step upgraded with stories, songs and drama. A pack of different educational materials and teaching methodology, that was adapted to the different ages of children, were produced.During the two years project ICT resources were used as a fundamental way for communication between different schools/kindergarten, stuff and children. On the one hand a website for publishing the principal activities and results of the project was set up and each partner contributed a chapter. On the other hand videos and a booklet about project activities were made, too.
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