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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the centre we prioritize development in assessment based on the students and the institution striving for progress, searching different options to meet the educational needs of young people, parents and employers, delivering high-quality vocational education and training. The institutions management annually reviews the implementation of strategic plans, the most important achievements, certain failures, analyzes the current situation, determines its own areas for improvement. The greatest need to develop an international project was noted after completing the National Agency for School Evaluation external audit in 2014. Audit findings clearly indicate that international projects brought many innovations to the institution. It is recommended to further develop the internationality strategy, transfering the aspects that could be further improved to the Centre‘s strategic plan. To ensure better quality, a strategic plan for years 2015-2017 was developed. It aims to develop a partnership, cooperation, encouraging the mobility of Erasmus + projects. That would help the students to develop internationality, main competencies, general abilities, motivation, ability to study. It is important to mention that, according to the National Agency for School Evaluation external evaluators, the weak areas of the center were - self-assessment activities and organization of the training process. Keeping the centre’s strategy for the years of 2015-2017 in mind, the main organization's requirements correspond with the project goals. Goals: 1. to improve the quality of vocational training, developing self-evaluation competences, organization of both teaching and learning processes, promote learning motivation, ability to learn; 2. to acquire practical skills in a professional workplace, develop professional, basic, social, intercultural competences and general competences; 3. to develop partnerships, collaboration, international mobility of community members; 4. to reduce social exclusion. To achieve the goals it is planned to: A1 activity. Practical training in enterprises. Participants of the project - the four most popular specialties: the decorator (builder), mechanic, business worker of machinery maintenance and professional chef training programs students of initial vocational training. 5 students are going to a three week-long visits. Total number of participants – 20. International internships are useful for students as they acquire practical skills in a real professional workplace, their professional, basic, social, intercultural competences and general skills are developed, learn to be dynamic and develop their ability to assume responsibility for their learning outcomes and professional achievements, acquire international and intercultural competencies. In this way students learning motivation is increasing, professional identity is formed and self-esteem is increasing of those who tend to think that they are not able to anything. A2 activity. Supervision (assisting) of vocational training specialists in the institutions. Estimated number of participants - 8. In order to implement the project goals, it is planned to make two vocational training visits to the professional schools to monitor the classes and gain experience of how the study process is organized. The greatest attention will be paid to the differentiation of learning activities, acquisition monitoring and how to promote collaborative learning. In order to improve the organization of the training process and it to become more effective international experience would be very useful for both vocational training specialists and students. It is exected that vocational training specialists , having gained international experience, will apply innovative methods more bravely, differentiate learning activities in the study process, apply collaborative learning, improve self-evaluation competences, share their experience to other teachers.

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