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Το σχολείο μας στο νοτιότερο σημείο της Ευρώπης
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school, the 19th Primary school of Chania is situated in Crete, which is the southernmost island in Greece and also the southernmost island in Europe. Crete as an island with an ideal climate and a grade history, welcomes tourists from all over the world, all year round. As a result, the acceptance of the diversities among people, as well as an openness to multiculturalism are obvious to the locals. The pupils in our school have evidential experience of cultural diversity. We hope that our project plan, entitled "Our school in the southernmost point of Europe" will boost in our students the need of appreciation and acceptance of dissimilarity through syncretism and the development of critical way of thinking that spots the positive facts and incorporates them in order to achieve the best possible result. They are given the opportunity to realise the fact that the English language is a means for global communication and at the same time to appreciate the value of different languages and cultures. Apart from that, this project will give prominence to the need to teach the mother of the foreign pupils in the Greek schools and the need for the creation of new working position specialist staff and the supply of relevant books and documents.With the changes in the regional labour markets into a European labour market the requirements at our school have changed. Our school should and wants to prepare our students for Europe and for the European labour market. That is why the teachers intercultural and project management skills have to be significantly improved. The program Erasmus+ gives us the opportunity to acquire the skills through training courses with seminars that have intercultural content and project management.It is of a high importance to us to attend this training courses with teachers of different nationalities so as to achieve this multicultural exchange not only during the training courses but also through out the whole seminar. At the same time our teachers have the opportunity to intensively meet potential project partners and plan with them school exchanges, e-Twinning or job shadowing.This specific activity of training courses for teachers (entitled "Project management for cross-cultural exchanges projects in Europe" in Spain) that we have chosen, meets our needs for training in planning successful school projects. The objectives described are very close to our interests and relevant to the plan that we would like to start in our school.The two (2) participating teachers of our school should be able to attend lessons abroad, to have sufficient language skills, to be willing to spread the European idea to their colleagues and students , as multipliers and to be willing to integrate the European idea in teaching.During this seminar, we will go through successful projects, we will meet potential future cooperators and we will be able to inspire and motivate our students to create and exchange European multicultural projects so as to be better informed and consequently to have a better understanding and knowledge about other countries, religions, cultures and our students from other countries. In a few words to achieve an openness towards the values, the culture and the civilization of other countries.Last but not least it will bring a European dimension in the organization that we serve, as during this cooperation in which we will be in touch with teachers from Europe, we will be able to plan meetings and visits in our school. So the "fear" for Europe assomething unknown and distant will decrease as the school will be interculturally transformed.The seminar that we have chosen to attend abroad, will be of a significantly greater potential value, compared to a similar training course activity in our country, because of the immediate interaction with other European educators and other European schools.Also the organizers, the leaders of the seminar come from other countries (are of different nationalities).Finally, each and every one of us can be informed about the educational system of the country which he or she gets in touch with. To end, one gains the experience of life in Spain as a guest and not as a tourist.
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