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Το σχολείο μας υιοθετεί καινοτόμες διδακτικές πρακτικές στην Ευρώπη
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is a two-year project which aims to enhance the quality of our school in various areas of operation. The framework of this project has to do with 1. the acquisition of a European dimension and the qualitative differentiation of the school 2 . best practice teaching 3 . the incorporation of the diversity feature of our school actively in the school procedures and 4. the use of new technologies in teaching The school seeks the continuous update on issues related to internationalization and to translate this information into practical workable advice and suggestions. It also wants to know the ways of creating international projects, how they connect with the curriculum and how to evaluate them. The adoption of best practices aimed at benchmarking indicators of innovation of schools abroad with indicators of our school unit, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of teaching. The aim of the training on the best practices is the transition from non- digital to digital learning, methods and tools by which this is achieved . The school diversity and the variety of the students' backgrounds is also an important issue. The aim of the training on this area is to explore ways in which to strengthen the incentives to actively participating in school practices while gaining valuable knowledge on the latest technological developments and how technological advances and the on-line tools will be able to integrate into daily teaching. The direct beneficiaries are a representative group of teachers from all directions that work in our school and there will be a total of 12 mobilities. All speak English and were proposed by the teachers board to represent the school and convey what they reap from training. For the adoption of best practices lessons will be followed in real time in schools abroad and record quality items. The methodology used to implement the plan provides 1. Training sessions on the configuration view for the different education systems in Europe 2. Training on the conclusion and maintain international partnerships 3. School presentation at international level 4. Developing international action plans 5. Supervision of international cooperation projects 6. Educational visits to schools abroad and monitoring practices are followed to achieve quality teaching 7. Digital apprenticeship near fellow European Schools for knowledge acquisition 8. Theoretical and practical examples on international programs, educational systems , teaching methods 9. Practical application of theoretical training in simulated environments during seminars 10. Debates on issues of internationalization , best practices , benchmarking dropout and the latest technological tools in education 11. Development , creation , implementation practices of active teaching methods and teaching experiment during training 12. Learning to create lesson plan with international features , using digital equipment , using technology tools Participants will benefit from these seminars in areas related to their skills . They will develop skills in drawing up and developing a global plan of action. Will help the school to become an internationally oriented curriculum incorporating elements of internationalization. There will be modernization goals set by the school in cooperation levels . Gained an inter-cultural philosophy that will indulge the student resources of the school. It will strengthen international ties, exchange opinions and suggestions for improvement. The adoption of good practices will enhance the services of the school and teaching methods will digitize the teaching and improve any weaknesses and deficiencies. It will propose ways of integrating best practices in everyday teaching and actively involve students. The development of collaborative work will involve all students in the learning process . Creating attractive, collaborative lesson plans will actively engage students, make them feel needed to carry out the will and motivation to stay in school.
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