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Το Σχολείο μας αποκτά ευρωπαϊκό προσανατολισμό: τα πρώτα μας βήματα προς τη "Μεγάλη Ευρώπη"
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

All the teachers working in our school have decided that it is high time we “magnified” our school so that it will no longer be limited within the narrow borders of the village of Megalo Kefalovrisso, where it is situated, thus opening its doors to Europe. We have thus created a European development plan, the aims of which are:a) to develop skills and enrich content knowledge about new pedagogic approaches by exploring educational systems of other countries in an effort to understand how they evolve in Europeb) to update our knowledge as to current teaching practices and educational approaches in an effort to improve our everyday teaching practicec) to introduce and progressively reinforce the European dimension of our school through the initiation of partnerships and collaborative projects with European students and teachersd) to develop students’ and teachers’ communicative competences by using English as a foreign language in authentic communicative and learning environmentse) to develop our knowledge, skills and attitudes towards decision-making as to qualitative curriculum design, administration and implementationWe thus supported the desire expressed by our colleague and teacher of English Papaioannou Konstantina to participate in a course entitled "Structured Study Visit to Schools/Institutes & Training Seminar in Finland” and organized by “English Matters” training organization in Helsinki, as she shares our aforementioned needs and speculations and she is interested in the introduction of new methodological approaches and innovative programmes in education. She also strongly supports the reinforcement of the European dimension in our school as the teacher of the language which is a sine qua non as to its introduction and incessant growth.The tasks to be performed are summarised as follows:1) PREPARATION: We are going to explore basic parameters of the Greek educational system and we are going to clarify our attitudes towards teaching by filling in self-observation forms in order to be able to adapt them on the basis of the ideas provided by the attended course. The participant is also going to fill in a questionnaire and prepare a presentation about her teaching profile. Additionally, she will study basic parameters of the Finnish educational system in order to have a general idea before her initiation into the new educational context. 2) COURSE ATTENDANCE: The participant is going to attend all modules of the course in which include structured study visits to Finnish schools and professional development as well as cultural seminars. 3) DISSEMINATION: The participant is going to inform her colleagues about her learning outcomes and experiences abroad during in-service training sessions. Additionally, other teachers of our municipality, parents and the local community are going to be informed through the publication of relative articles in the local press, in newspapers of teachers unions, educational blogs, etc. 4) PUTTING THE ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE INTO PRACTICE:We will be willing to apply the newly acquired knowledge and to adapt it to our everyday teaching practice. Within this framework, online international and intercultural links with other European schools will be established, which will result in the exchange of examples of good teaching, the implementation of collaborative projects and the establishment of future KA2 Erasmus+ partnerships.5) EVALUATION: we are going to use questionnaires as a means of needs analysis in order to explore participants’ expectations. The participants are going to keep a learning journal throughout the course that will provide raw material for a structured evaluation based on specific criteria that will take place after the completion of the course.The impact of the project is expected to be extremely positive, as new horizons will be opened for both teachers and learners of a small provincial school, their multicultural awareness will be reinforced and their linguistic skills will be developed. This is due to the fact that all stakeholders will have the opportunity to be a part of a European educational network, providing qualitative learning opportunities within authentic environments of European collaboration. Consequently, teachers and learners of our school, which is situated in Megalo (=Big) Kefalovrisso, will have the unique chance to function as an equal partner of a team within "Greater Europe” of the 21st century, relishing opportunities for holistic, collaborative and substantial learning through international partnerships. In this way, the European dimension will be reinforced both within the boundaries of our school and withing those of our local community.
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