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To leave the right mark on the world
Start date: Jul 1, 2011,

The main goal of this national youth initiative was to promote the idea and raise the awareness of volunteering in the name of a cause that was of benefit to society, such as the marking of mountain trails in the Rila Mountains. The project location was part of the European transboundary walking route E-4. The participants were from both the University Rescue Squad, and from Schools from the capital Sofia and children from the Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care, Doganovo. The project programme included courses in First Aid and Mountaineering, as well as practical activities for renewing the marking of the mountain trails. The project was designed in an interactive way that required the involvement of youngsters in decision-making at each stage of the various activities. The inclusion of minors from different ethnicities contributed to building respect for cultural dissimilarities. Working as a team and living in nature were excellent alternatives to a passive lifestyle and alienation and resulting addictions. The duration of the proposed project was circa 5 months. The outcomes of the project activities were new improved marking of a section of the European walking route E-4, on the one hand, and acquirement of profound knowledge in mountaineering and surviving in adverse conditions, mastering skills in working with people from different ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds by the participating youngsters, on the other. The children from the Home in Doganovo did not only gain new and very useful knowledge but got the self-esteem of people who left their mark on the world. The project results were presented at the final stage of the European tour of Volunteering - November 2011 at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia.

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