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to be or not to be ? intercultural learning and social inclusion
Start date: Jan 10, 2015, End date: May 9, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The reality of today clearly tells us that no matter whether we accept or not the cultural differences of those around us, it is necessary to find a way to coexist peacefully in the same society . Otherwise we can ask ourself a following question: TO BE OR NOT TO BE ? The biggest problem in modern society is how to deal with the difference. How can we recognize and appreciate cultural differences and at the same time promote a true cultural integration and the overall development of young people in society? Through this project we intended to dwell on the meaning and importance of inter cultural, respect for human rights and minorities, solidarity, equal opportunities, participation and democracy. These are the values of inter cultural learning , but also those of the European institutions , the foundation for cooperation and European integration. Through all the activities that we developed, we transmitted these values to all the young participants to become citizens. With the project we intended to promote and develop a greater capacity for communication between people from different cultures , a more flexible attitude towards cultural diversity in society, a better ability to participate in social interaction and the recognition of the common heritage of humanity. We highlighted the distinctive features of every culture and every nation , in order to avoid cultural misunderstandings and learn to appreciate each other and diversity. This project enabled each young person to "promote" its culture and to discover common values and cultural differences of other young Europeans. We went beyond prejudice is fundamental to " cohabit " among European citizens of different countries. The activities carried out during the project were a source of non-formal learning. The project activities were based on the methods of non-formal and peer to peer education that were a great tool for cooperation between all participants. We chose to cooperate and develop the project with partners who come from very different areas , each with its own peculiarities : ITALY- PORTUGAL- POLAND-GREECE- ROMANIA - LITHUANIA. All the important points of the project and its activities have been carried out and written with input from all stakeholders . The cooperation and good communication between partners is one of the strengths of the project. In the phase of planning and organization we have used participatory methods , using the bottom-up approach , involving the active participation of potential beneficiaries in the different phases .This project involved 36 young people from the countries mentioned, in the age group of 18-25 years. Each of our partners selected the participants in the project in order to achieve the best possible balance of gender as possible. Taking advantage of the extensive network of collaborations and partnership that has Association jump in the area, from Regione Puglia, Bollenti Spiriti, and all other collaborations with centres of social inclusion and government , we provided a very strong impact on the community and the wider dissemination of the results and enhancement of the project. The impact on participants will be important, as it will stimulate creativity , exploration of personal values , Breaking down prejudice and stereotype , opening another, build new relationships, developing European awareness and European values.

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