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To be or not to be a hero
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Imagination is the greatest wealth that a person can have. We believe that if you can imagine something , you can achieve it. Dreaming is much more important than the knowledge itself. Einstein said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” As he said, fairy tales have a great role on children in undrestanding life , the shaping of personality and the way they will follow in the future. They contribute children in being creative ,innovative and entrepreneur, socializing, language development, integration into society and its values, being positive in life, being sensitive to the environment and animals, having a critical point of view to the events, understanding the difference between good and bad also right and wrong, staying away computer and television addiction and also the auditory, cognitive, and psycho-social development. Taking all of these advantages of fairy tales we create our project. Our motto is TO BE OR NOT TO BE A HERO. Our main goal is to make children imagine without fear and share it with people, so self confident creative, innovative, entrepreneur and prescient individuals can grow. For example, Atatürk,a national hero, wouldn’t be a qualified leader and prescient statesman if he didn’t follow his dream. Furthermore, recognizing the fairy tales from different cultures and the common subjects such as love, peace and friendship, we want to generate a cultural interaction among people. Moreover, taking advantage of the unifying characteristics of fairy tales we want to destroy the prejudices against different people so, we can show that all children are brothers without distinction of religion, race, color or language. With the help of international trips, different cultures will be recognized so international cultural relations can be established and new perspectives can be provided about Europe. Additionally, the trips will have contributions to the teachers' professions. The participants of the transnational trips consists of teachers . The classroom teachers know the children psychologhy and inner world well,furthermore the foreign language teachers will help the project in literature and dramatizations. There will be 6 transnational meetings and 73 mobilities with in the scope of the project. The target group of the activities includes students, teachers and parents of the partner schools.The activities includes seminars and meetings about the project, reading, telling, completing open-ended tales, dramatizations of fairy tales, putting yourself instead of the fairy-tale character, improving critical thinking abilities, watching films on fairy tales and heroes, the festivals of real and fairy tale heroes, reveal the hero within contest, making an albume of the contest results and exhibition of the products, writing own fairy tale using the created characters in the contest, at last, making a book of selection of written fairy tales. During the project, reading, verbal,visual expression,dramatization, question-answer and brain storming methods will be used. As a result, the target group, recognizing both own and the other heroes in Europe, will be able to increase cultural accumulation and build intercultural bridges. They will also identify the characteristics of lived heroes who pursued his/ her dream and succeed. As a result of the Project, searching, reading, increacing curiosity, expressing the thoughts, emphatizing abilities are stressed. The development of the world of imagination will be supported and creating own hero activities will guide to show the limitless imagination power. Moreover, foreign language skills will be supported by the communication with the project partners from different countries. The expected effects of the Project are increasing curiosity and willingless to learn foreign language , supporting reading habits, colouring the world of imagination, encouraging in achieving their dreams, allowing them to see the virtuous behavour in both real and fantastic heroes, besides, the ability to overcome the problems of daily life will be shown by demonstrating critical thinking ways. The Project also have affects on raising awareness of peace, love, tolerance and friendship among cultures as well as on noticing the innovative characteristics and entrepreneurship of students through implementation activities. It will also impact on the professional development of the teachers. When disseminating the Project , activities previously carried out will become traditional activities such as festivals, watching films about heroes or creating hero contests. The project corner will be remained. Additionally the dissemination activities will be published in the open, accessable and updated website therefore anyone can apply this project at their institution. Social media pages will also help in disseminating the project.
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