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Το 1ο Νηπιαγωγείο Βούλας βγαίνει για μάθημα στη φύση.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The pre-primary school 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas is an organisation of preschool education in the region of Eastern Attica. The educational team of the school chose to materialize the development plan entitled "The pre-primary school 1 Nipiagogeio Voulas organizes learning in the outdoors" as the difficult current Greek economic situation created the necessity to form a project proposal that, through interaction with nature, will promote the development of creativity, improve health and well being , and provide emotional uplift to teachers, students, and their families, which the continuing crisis has taxed psychologically and physically. The development of this project was based on theoretical and practical knowledge resulting from our participation in the seminar on "Outdoor arts and crafts", organized by the European Body Cursus Iceland who specializes in outdoor learning focusing to integration of natural materials in the educational process. This supported our teaching staff to get in touch with good practices relating to teaching in the open and natural environment that have already implemented in the Northern European education systems. The teaching team of our school aimed to seek alternative practices that do not require expensive equipment to be applied in the daily schedule, but utilize natural resources. Taking advantage of good weather in the Greek climate, natural materials from parks and the coastal zone of Voula, the location in which is our school, and the use of volunteer support and assistance from the families of our students that are overwhelmed by unemployment, gave new incentives for learning, action and joy. In addition to these objectives of the project was to change approach and behaviors of Greek students who have frequent occurrences of obesity and other health problems because of excessive inactive life. In order to achieve these goals, acquisition of innovative ideas and activities from participation in training were needed, ideas that enriched our organization's curriculum and provided motivation for learning and creativity. The participation in the seminar was supported through transparent process of the teachers' team. Selected was a teacher with very good understanding of foreign languages and new technologies, with clear interest and tendency to innovate in teaching activity and for the dissemination of the results. Apart from the main activity, the participation in the seminar on "Outdoor arts and crafts", we organized meetings with the Parents' Association, the Pedagogical Consultant of Preschool Education, the Education Committee of the Municipality Vari Voula Vouliagmeni and other local community organizations with which we worked together throughout the project. Additionally, with students we organized outdoor teaching sessions with creative drama, puppet theatre, artistic creations in the physical environment of our school and our town. The methodology that was used in carrying out the project is based on working in teams with the student in the center of the educational process. The project had a duration of 12 months, which was sufficient time to carry out the activities and diffuse of the acquired knowledge, in our organization's staff by providing information in and out the organization, through workshops, conferences, exhibitions, publications and suspensions in portals and through professional social networking. In all cases, the echo of the project and the communication with the partners continues long after the official end. The results for the participant in the seminar were improvements of management competences, use of new technologies and knowledge for innovative outdoor educational practices, which help advancing to the production of original educational material. The impact of the project was important, as the knowledge of new pedagogical methods activated the direct and indirect participating teachers in order to inspire creatively and animate the entire educational community. The potential long term benefits are the change of attitudes that improve the educational framework and the quality of teacher's role, while promoting the health of the team. Finally through this project our organisation will continue to pursue continuous improvement and upgrading of the provided educational services with European dimension, and active participation in strategic partnerships with European bodies, partnerships that have great interest and broaden the intellectual horizons of the entire educational community.
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