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Tisser des liens vers l'avenir
Start date: Jun 20, 2015, End date: Nov 19, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project was born from the encounter of professionals from both partner organizations : the Center Antonio Candido (childcare service runned by the social security of Porto City) and the Maison Sacré Coeur (also a childcare service from the Fondation d’Auteuil of Thiais, in the region of Paris). Through this encounter, the idea of a project of international opening and exchange for French and Portuguese young people aiming at answering their common issues and needs emerged. This new-born partnership, coming from the field in both countries, also directly connects with the project of Apprentis d’Auteuil, which includes the empowerment of young people and professionals in the coming years. The foundation wishes to give the opportunity to every young people and employee to experience an international mobility and to open itself to foreign cultures. Apprentis d’Auteuil also encourages its institutions to build strong partner relationships with other structures abroad. This project entitled “connect to the future”, will directly involve 24 young boys and girls from both French and Portuguese structures. This young people are taken care of due to their need of educative assistance and encounter great difficulties in their education and familial and social background. In most cases, this situation leads to : limited ability to project themselves in the future, maladaptive behaviors, difficulties to step back from their lives and to verbalize their feelings. 8 adults, youth workers, teachers, psychologist and social worker, will accompany young people throughout this exchange project, that will run from October 2014 to October 2015. International trips will take place in two sessions: a first session with the reception of the French group in Portugal (early July 2015) end a return session with the arrival of the Portuguese group welcomed by the French (end of July 2015). The objectives for this project are: to support each young people in their capabilities to project themselves into the future, allow them to live a geographic mobility and discover another culture and different language, allow them to live a common life with other young of a different nationality and build relationships that are meant to reciprocal. Each activity is designed in the aim to give opportunity to the young to be in position of actor: participation is a sign of self-empowerment and ownership of the project by young people. Each activity is intended to provide young people elements for thought and to acquire references for their future live. In each country, an artistic preparation will be provident and will permit the beginning of a work, from a common theme and specifications, decided by both groups. Each work will be achieved together when the coming of each groups in the country of the other. A “Gold book” containing the wows of the young people for their future life will accompany each artistic production. In addition to the artwork, language workshops French and Portuguese as well as cultural and sports activities will be conducted discovery. At the methodological level, young people will be involved during nine months in advance to the preparation of the action, especially through many moments of reflection, analysis and assessment during the different phases (preparation artistic, linguistic, cultural, self-financing, this in order to take ownership of the project). A log book will be completed individually to mark and assess the progress of each. Besides, the artistic methods used and led by specialized facilitators, will make easier the individual growth aimed at. The results and impacts expected throughout this project are: Accompany the awareness of each young about his adaptability to a different cultural context, and allow them to try out common living and unity around a common realization. Allow each young people to reflect on his life project and valorize it Enable each intellectual capabilities and specifically cultural and foreign language knowledge. Encourage the acquisition of skills and personal skills, that should develop a Europass Certificate The impact for the young people involved in this project will be a positive reinvestment in their life project and to benefit of a personal adventure that will led to progress in maturity. At the local level in both countries, the impact will be an awareness by the society of wishes for the future of these young people in great difficulty and a demonstration of a positive and promising image of these young people In the medium term, be able to implement this exchange in its reciprocity between the two French-Portuguese structures will formalize a partnership that will open in projects for the future.
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