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Tiny Footsteps on the Beach
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Under the leadership of Young Teachers group, a camp will be held by 7 participants from each country and total 42 participants from Romania Asociatia Tineril Active Civic, Georgia Society Bridge to the Future, Azerbaijan IRELI PU , Poland Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów "Radośni , Bulgaria Walk Together in Samandag region,Hatay Province, which is an important spawning area for carettas.During this camp period the Caretta caretta nests will be protected and we will make cleaning the beach and we will prevent them from going in the wrong direction instantly out of the eggs hatching. This camp will be held between the beginning of September and the last days of August. This term is preferred because of the end of the incubation period and is slowly fry the period when they come out of the egg because of the date range that is particularly determined. The future of the continuation of human life and future generations can occur depending on the ecosystem. All the needs of the people on earth are derived from different ecosystems. The organic relationship between man and nature is actually the history of mankindconstitute the basic infrastructure of millions of events. The relationship between man and nature "sustainable" in order to find a balance,ecological / environmental awareness and a new perspective to increase, there is need for a new approach. The new ecological paradigm, the importance of creating ecological awareness and sustainable development of the country for this purpose so that it can contribute to the forefront of environmental educationwill be to ensure the withdrawal. In this context, the most important objective of our project is to create a voluntary activity by young people involved in environmental awareness among them. In addition, the society bringing together young people from different cultures will provide a fusion with each other, to create a sense of belonging among young people and groups will be created to act seer. This framework also a livable environment, with a direction is made possible by forming environmental awareness of individuals and communities to take measures for the realization of the environment. National and international organizations and formations often emphasizes the importance of environmental education for the development of environmental awareness. Creating environmental awareness in the community and to encourage the development and protection of the environment in which everyone lived, is a significant step for the solution of environmental problems.
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