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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Apr 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project Time to start a Youth Exchange , which is designed to help young people acquire new skills and succeed on the labor market . It is a project of Europe-wide problem , which relates especially to young people . The problem of youth unemployment is not unique in Slovak , but a global problem . Youth has been hit the most. During the economic downturn are young the last ones who obtain work , while being the first to lose it . Young people with fewer skills , experience and are employed only part-time . Young Europeans have for these dvôvody 3 times more likely to be unemployed . Often they are used only for temporary and poorly paid jobs . Employers are required to get a job a few years of experience , which, however, are not graduates . However , in order to obtain it , they need a first job . The young are encased in an impossible situation and unable to start his career . Objectives of our project are 1.Using young people to assert themselves in the job market through activities in an exchange gain new skills such as: -improve communication skills (is the time when young people have lost their communication skills, solve everything through the Internet, the goal is to acquire new activities using communication skills. -improvement of writing a resume and cover letter (this is an important step to ensure that our employer addressed to other round job interview) A new attitude: overcome the indolence and laziness (often young people can have their convenience, and lose interest in your job search) -encourage young people to attend college (that stood on the spot, but constantly educated on the amount of schools) 2.The change in thinking young people to start mysieť positive and go for what you set out to. Planned activities for the project: Discovery activities Presentation of the projects identified have rules, production of posters, Presentation on unemployment, talk-causes of unemployment, Outdoor Activity of simulation for correct and incorrect job interview, lecture: properly write a resume and cover letter preparation materials the school, Evening countries and their view on unemployment and things around it on each country action at school, talk to the school, talks about supporting young people to study college Assessment activities, workshops Youthpass, Brainstorming, with pychologom Lecture, Workshop on core competencies, foreign language, documentary movie..Methods used in the project are: discussions, simulations and role plays, lectures, group work, discussions, brainstorming. We believe that the Youth Exchange Time to start helping young people to gain new skills that will be of great benefit to their professional lives. Help them get jobs and careers in life. The project will have an impact not only on young people directly involved in the project, but I also local community, which lead in schools. We also expect celeropsky impact and dissemination of project results, since all participants from the country will produce results in their country.
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