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Time for Diversity!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays we hear and read a lot of stereotypes about different groups of our societies. More and more we see that the fear against unknown people /cultures is growing – this fear is mainly coming because we do not have the time to learn about it or inform ourselves about backgrounds, etc. Fact is that more and more people are moving from different countries to other places because of varied reasons (war, job situation, etc.) Also a lot of young people are searching for other possibilities out of their ‘home’ countries. To take this fear and to inform ‘local’ people about the backgrounds of other cultures/people is our daily work since more than 65 years. In 2009 Grenzenlos developed an education program called Grenzenlos@schools (More info at The aim of the project is to talk with students/pupils about stereotypes and prejudices and to give them the cance to grow on their own personal and social level and to foster respect for cultural and social diversity. The concept of the educational program itself was developed by the University of Passau and friendly introduced to us by Prof. Dirschler. (More infos under Grenzenlos discovered soon that Passau and Vienna are geographically not so far away but the needs of Austrian pupils are different. Therefore Grenzenlos has adjusted it 2010 successfully with the feedback of several schools. In 2012 the project Grenzenlos@schools won as well some funds so we could develop and open the project for vocational schools. Some years ago also our international partners showed a high interest for our project that’s why we decide to apply for a partnership within Erasmus+. In January 2015 Grenzenlos hosted a meeting with LINK Italy, JAVVA Belgium, IBG Germany and EstYes to prepare a Strategic partnership on sensibilisation workshops at vocational schools, schools and youth The strategic partnership is ment to create a work space for LINK, JAVVA,IBG, EstYes and Grenzenlos to work on linking our non formal working methods within a school setting and to empower each other in starting up local workshops. The frame of this project allows us to train trainers for local workshops, to constantly monitor and evaluate the workshops and to create a handbook which will allow each organisation to keep the gained knowledge sustainable.‘Time for diversity’ will bring already gained experiences on an international level and help us to start a network of trainers and institutions that are willing to support on the one hand intercultural learning and on the other hand to promote the link between formal and non formal education possibilities.We will have several target groups related to the environment and realities in each participating countries.During the preparation meeting we defined the following target groups:- Youngsters in youth centers- Primary and high schools- Vocational schools- Multipliers eg teachers, youthworkersThe partners within the project are choosen carefully and all organisations bring different added values to the partnership.The aim of this project is  To promote social and cultural inclusion in schools especially in vocational schools To support non formal and intercultural learning in vocational schools To link formal learning within the non formal learning field and to learn from each other while exchanging our organisational experience during the implementation phases To develop methods suitable for each international partners environment  To train trainers in Italy, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Italy  To develop a training handbook together with the participating organisation and their trainers in order to have a work book for trainers, to pass the skills on to other trainers after the project and to share the results with partners who were not part of the project To underline the importance of linking formal and non-formal education To strengthen the partnership among organisations from different education actors (NGO´s, universities, vocational schools, local authorities, trade, etc) To establish a network of educational organisations/institutions and trainers

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