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"Time for Business." Creating the conditions for business development in rural areas of the Volyn Region of Ukraine and the Lublin Voivodeship of Poland by means of diversifying the agricultural production (IPBU.01.01.00-78-791/11)
Start date: Aug 31, 2013, End date: Apr 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will facilitate development of small and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector both in Poland and Ukraine, raising of income of farmers and agricultural producers in five districts of Volyn Region and Lublin Voivodeship, diversification of income of agricultural producers, improvement of knowledge of representatives of SMEs in the agricultural sector of Volyn Region and Lublin Voivodeship, and development of cross-border market information systems; enhance economic activity of rural people, including women.The target group of the project are agricultural producers of Gorokhiv, Lokachi, Lutsk, Rozhyshche and Turiysk Districts of Volyn Region and Biala Podlaska, Lublin, Chelm, Zamosc Countries of Lublin Voivodeship of Poland.The final beneficiaries are the rural population of Volyn Region of Ukraine and Lubelskie Voivodeship of Poland.The main objective of the project - development of small and medium enterprises in rural areas of Volyn Region of Ukraine and Lublin Voivodeship of Poland due to diversification of agricultural production.Specific objectives: 1. Increasing of income of agricultural producers of 5 districts of Volyn Region districts and Lublin Voivodeship, 2. Diversification of sources of income of agricultural producers, 3. Increasing of educational level of representatives of SMEs in agricultural sector of Volyn Region and Lublin Voivodeship, and the development of cross-border agricultural market information system. Expected Results: - 450 Ukrainian farmers and villagers in total have participated in 15 one-day workshops on the topic of greenhouse vegetable growing, berries growing, gardening using drip irrigation, ecological farming, own processing of agricultural products at the farm, held on the Ukrainian territory;. - 200 Polish farmers have participated in 10 two-day workshops on direct sales, processing of the agricultural products on the farms, held on Polish territory;- 150 farmers from Volyn have participated in 5 five-day study tours "Good practice" in Poland and learned the Polish and European agricultural experience,- the cross-border system of agricultural market information created and functioning;- two international conferences held: one in Konskowola (Poland), and another - in Lutsk (Ukraine), each conference been attended by 100 people,- 200 copies of brochure basing on Lutsk conference materials published (in Ukrainian and Polish); - 1000 copies of a brochure on best practice is published (in Ukrainian and Polish) and distributed; - 5 thematic brochures about outdoor and greenhouse vegetable growing, berries growing, gardening using drip irrigation, ecologically pure farming, processing of agricultural products at the farm ( 1000 copies in Ukrainian of each brochure) are designed, printed and distributed,- 2000 promotional booklets in Ukrainian and Polish are designed, printed and distributed among Ukrainian and Polish participants of the seminars, conferences, as well as farmers, agricultural institutions and organizations, mass media, that will be interested in the project details to promote the project and its results:- 16 farms (8 from Ukrainian and Polish side each) took part in the regional agricultural exhibitions; - a project website "Time for Business" is created; 14500 visits on the site are registered by the end of the project implementation. Expected impact on the target groups: - skills and educational level of 800 farmers of Volyn region, Ukraine, and Lublin Voivodeship, Poland will be increased due to their participation in the project activities;- diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural production, own agricultural products processing by farms, merging of small and medium-sized farms, and as result – possible new sources of income;- new jobs will be created in the rural areas covered by the project, especially for women;- possibility to establish the regular contacts between farmers, business structures, government authorities and local government bodies, agricultural extension services in Poland and Ukraine; - improvement of organizational and technical capacities of target groups since the representatives of the target groups, i.e. farmers, villagers, including women, will not only take an active part in all activities of the project, but also will be involved in the organization of meetings, roundtables, gathering and dissemination of the information about the project. This will help them to improve the knowledge and skills in management, which can be used in various domains;- farmers participated in the regional agricultural exhibitions have learn the new innovative technology, new agricultural machinery and equipment for storage, processing and reprocessing of agricultural products. The joint journey will assist in establishing close contacts between Ukrainian and Polish farmers-participants of the journey;- the system of agricultural market information will help the agricultural producers to know about the prices and tendencies at the agriculture market thus ensuring their activity to be more predictable.Moreover, the project partners, i.e. all partner organizations that will implement the project, will receive valuable skills and experience of working in partnership, each of the project partners will establish new contacts, the staff will gain new skills and knowledge, the proper implementation of the project will improve the prestige of the partner organizations.

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