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Time and the sun. The sundial across two borders.
Start date: Aug 31, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sundials in the municipality of Aiello have a very ancient origin, dating back to Roman times. At the end of the 19th century a scaphen was found, that is to say a hollow marble hemisphere with a hole on top that was used as a sundial. About ten of these items are preserved today in the Aquileia Archaeological Museum. The municipality of Aiello del Friuli feels that this ancient heritage is a tradition to be kept alive and handed down through an intense educational activity carried out at the Aiello Middle School, and thanks to a major sundial documentation and reconstruction work at the Aiello Peasant Civilization Museum. In this framework the project aims at safeguarding a historical-cultural heritage and encouraging the cooperative implementation of participating areas. In brief, the aim is to define and develop a cultural tourism strategy that is easy to transfer to other historical-territorial entities, for a joint effort to rediscover the relevant rural culture of reference. Part of the 200 and more sundials found in the province of Udine and those found in the Slovenian area are going to be studied and catalogued. Moreover, an equatorial sundial made of Istrian stone will be built, thus completing the series of sundials to be found in Aiello, which is the only one to possess all the main instruments that measure time by the position of the sun. A similar sundial is constructed in the town of Koper- Capodistria. A catalogue will be drawn up of the existing heritage as well as a dedicated website. The project is implemented in cooperation with the ITI A Malignani institute, which has created a software to produce innovative information tools, thanks to which sundials will be accessible also to the young through didactic-educational games.
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