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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Among the overall objectives for education in the Europe 2020 goals are to implement lifelong learning and mobility, to improve the quality and the result in education, to increase creativity and innovation (entrepreneurship) in all forms of education, and to achieve active citizenship and European awareness. For several years, our school has been striving to implement these goals. We have been involved in various projects within the former Comenius program (bilateral and multilateral partnerships), but these have foremost been linked to our students. Now we feel that we want to continue to develop our internationalization plan by having our staff participating in different mobilities. We want our teachers to strive towards lifelong learning, which ultimately contributes to an enhanced quality of teaching and thus better student outcomes. International studies have shown that Swedish students have reached relatively poor results within some areas, such as foreign languages, in comparison with other European countries. The teaching of the mother tongue and literature are furthermore two areas where we would like to observe how our European colleagues convey their knowledge, as is how they assess student performance. Innovation is a key point in our development plan. Innovation concerns all subjects, especially entrepreneurship and economics. Finally, we strive to make our staff open up to an international dimension by experiencing other school systems and cultures and other forms of social interaction. By letting a few of our teachers participate in the mobility project, we hope that the European spirit will spread to the whole staff. With our project we want to let six of our teachers join and follow the teaching (job shadowing) in Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands to study other methods of teaching in order to gain new and possibly innovative impulses for their own teaching. They will furthermore have the possibility to spread their newly acquired knowledge to the whole staff at our school. We have chosen six teachers who, for different reasons, feel inspired to receive new impulses and ideas to increase their competence within their profession. Among these teachers we have three foreign language teachers, two Swedish (as a mother tongue) teachers and one economics teacher. The teachers will stay in different countries and schools where they will cooperate with other teachers and an international coordinator, who will supervise and support them during the mobility. Everything organizational and all details will be documented in an agreement. The teachers will follow the teaching to later on be able to discuss and reflect upon the similarities and differences in methodology and assessment, as well as general pedagogical issues. Our project aims at giving us new inspiration and knowledge that will benefit our teaching and our students. The participants will increase their competence but also their European awareness and their circle of contacts in Europe. This might lead to more European projects also for the students. By creating the possibility to spread the ideas at, for example, conferences, the newfound experiences and knowledge of the mobility teachers will be of use to our colleagues in Sweden. The close contact of the Tibble teachers with other schools in the municipality will contribute to a greater spread and thus an increased European awareness among a number of schools in Täby. Both the sending and the receiving schools will be positively influenced by the project through the exchange of ideas that will take place. The whole project will furthermore strengthen the relationship between the schools. Finally, we hope that this project will motivate more teachers to want to participate and to develop their profession.
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