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THS goes Europe - Stärkung des europäischen Profils in der beruflichen Bildung
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "THS goes Europe - strenghtenting the European profile in vocational education" has two groups of beneficiaries. The first group are the students, i.e. trainees in different administrative and commercial jobs as well as future graduates in business administration, who will be enabled by the project to take part in a 2-week or 6-month work experience programme in a placement relevant to their apprenticeship or chosen focus of studies. The second group of beneficiaries are the teaching staff of THS, who will be enabled to take part in a training programme to enhance their theoretical and practical skills in teaching. Participants are the beneficiaries, their employing companies in Germany and the companies providing the internship in Great Britain. Moreover there is the Theodor-Heuss-School as sending and TWIN and the Totnes European School as receiving organisation. Additionally, there is the IHK (=Chamber of Commerce) in Reutlingen which supervises and certifies the students' professional training. The increasing internationalisation of the companies and universities in the Neckar-Alb-Region leads to the fact, that even smaller and middle-sized businesses have to adapt to a growing number of international clients. It is therefore more and more important for our trainees and prospective junior executives and managers as well as for the staff teaching them to enhance their foreign language skills, practical skills and intercultural competence. The aims of the project for the students comprise the following aspects: Deepening and expanding practical and theoretical skills gained in the apprenticeships and at vocational school / professional school by applying them in an English company. Acquiring knowledge about British economy and in particular about the sector of the internship company. Getting to know the English culture and way of life. Gaining an insight into regional economic developments and their history in the London area or the Devon region, respectively. Last but not least the development of their oral and written communication skills in a foreign language.After returning to Germany the participants will recognize similarities and differences in the work routines in German and Britishcompanies. During their further education and personal development they will benefit from their participation in the project because of their enhanced theoretical and practical competences. The aims of the project for the teaching staff comprise the following aspects: In compliance with the individual needs of our staff in terms of further developing their skills in the foreign language and intercultural competence, the realization of custom-made training programmes is supposed to provide the teaching staff with the means to enhance these skills. Moreover, this project part is supposed to enable the staff to successfully prepare and support the students who take part in the other mobility options of the project. Thus, visiting companies who provide our students with internships is a crucial aspect of the programme, as it serves to highlight the necessity of adequately preparing these students. At the same time the training programm is designed to provide the teachers with the appropriate tools to do so.Furthermore, all participants will be ambassadors for a united Europe, as they will have personally experienced the benefit of the European Union for their own lives. The project will take place in the London area and the Devon County, respectively. In total 88 beneficiaries will be able to participate.The results of this project will be spread through the local press, the school's website as well as through presentations hosted at Theodor-Heuss-School.There will also be events in cooperation with the Erasmus+ Network Neckar-Alb. This ensures that a broad regional, over-regional and even international audience will be reached.A long-term goal pursued by the project is to make the dual education system and the advanced training programmes in business administration at Theodor-Heuss-School even more attractive as well as to open up new vistas for the beneficiaries and their life and career plans in an ever-growing Europe.

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