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Through Youth Cooperation Towards More Sustainable Societies (Cooperation for Sustainability)

In Latvia and Estonia there are 4 million people altogether. The youth is making around 20-25% of them. It is an ambitious, dynamic and energetic social group. Bringing together the young people from Latvia and Estonia in the frame of a grass-root project will generate the best interpersonal relationships allowing the participants understand each-other better. Mutual understanding of the neighbours will build bridges for cooperation not only in the interpersonal sphere but also nationally in wider that could serve as a supporting factor for the regional development beneficial for the EU at large. Cooperation of the Latvian and Estonian youth hasn't been active during recent years. Institutions working with the youth are mostly engaged into in-country activities. Institutional and financial problems cause obstacles for developing cooperation of the youth from two countries, especially on the regional and local level. Lack of contacts between the youth of Latvia and Estonia has negative impact not only for the two countries but also for the EU causing difficulties to integrate into work life, weak knowledge and low interest about public policy, un-sufficient participation skills etc.Objectives of the project are:1. to increase the grass-root cooperation between the youth from Estonia and Latvia, 2. to promote the young people’s environmental learning and education for bettering the awareness about sustainable lifestyle, 3. to enhance the youth skills to participate in the community life, to elaborate new necessary skills using unique project-work method that developswide range of social skills,4. to establish sustainable personal contacts between the people enabling them to develop joint actions and other types of cooperation in the future. Achievements: Please find the story of the project from book "Estonia–Latvia Stories“ at: information please find at:

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  • 2007 - 2013 Estonia - Latvia (EE-LV)
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