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Through Questioning Explore Your Entrepreneurship
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Apr 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Union and our country need young entrepreneurs who constantly continue to renew themselves by evolving, producing, competing with science and technology development. In EU countries, the crucial component for productivity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation is youth and our perspective in this project is to focus on "Qualifications" in youth. As the young people have potential within themselves and in their environment but they often have difficulties to explore the potential. To convert this potential into entrepreneurship and creativity small but very effective steps are needed as we want to do in this project in a sustainable way. The aim of this project is not to teach young people something, but to help them discover their potential with powerful questions used in Coaching methods in accordance with the free will of the young people. 31 participants will take part in the Youth Exchange to be held in Bal?kesir-Akçay between 1-10 December, 2015 from 5 countries; Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Hungary and Turkey. 4 participants in the 18-30 age range from each country will be in our project (20) and an adult group leader (5) as well as 2 Trainer / Facilitator and Bosged will send 2 leader/companion accompany 2 disabled participants. Our first priority when selecting our participants; disadvantaged young people living economic problems in rural and less developed regions and young people actively working /have not yet been employed who are willing to work at the local and international level. Young people?s team- work skills, openness to innovation, the ability to represent their organizations and countries is also important. Our goal at the end of activities is to help young people recognize themselves, what situation they are in, what they want to be and through the answers to the questions they find in their own inner world to focus on the emergence of their potential and help them to be more creative and assertive in their behaviour and choices. Thus, the efficiency and quality of youth both working and not employed will increase. Through this project, the Coaching method and Non Formal Education Methods; Active listening, Appreciative Inquiry, (3D)Three Dimensions Powerful Questioning, Clarifying + Paraphrasing + Summarising, the various working groups on Choice Map and Action Plan will be made. As a result, young people are expected to increase their awareness about their Choice Map and Action Plan. This will create awareness of young people in accordance with their free will; To uncover their talents and explore their potentials, To develop self-confidence, To explore their skills of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, To increase their personal success by providing business and private life balance, To develop and improve communication skills, To the quality and productivity, To increase employability, To question themselves to want the best, To discover their resources, To explore and develop their leadership capabilities, To empower values such as friendship, solidarity, democracy, equality, To gain high and sustainable internal motivation skills, To realize that there are no obstacles to become participants for disabled young people in project activities, To develop a common European awareness among young people, To increase inter-cultural interaction and communication skills, To discover our common aspects and our strengths, To develop communication skills in foreign languages, To discover the details of Erasmus + program, To contribute to the development new project ideas and partnerships. Through the dissemination and visibility platform prepared during the project, updating the information on the project, dissemination and visibility of project outputs will be provided via the internet and local, regional and national publications. In addition to the daily feedback and evaluations through observation and daily Reflection/Discussion Groups in the project made instantly when needed corrections and editing, at the end of all activities, evaluation will done on the basis personal, groups and group leaders. To define the expected impact of project activities and outputs, assessment questionnaire (Likert Scale) will be implemented and results will be evaluated. After the awareness created at all levels, creative, analytical, responsible, dynamic young people know what they want, their own realities, exploring the resources and potential are expected to reach a wider audience and space with the participation of all stakeholders. The crucial point is when the change and transformation is from inside out, young people explore their creativity and entrepreneurial potentials and make opportunities sustainable.
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