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Through Language to Culture

Knowledge of foreign languages is becoming more important in the European context.This is why the partners of this project have decided to prepare a language project because while learning a country’s language at the same time we learn its culture and traditions. With this project, lesser used and taught languages Lithuanian and Turkish will be learned.In our project the students will be active and they will prepare concrete language learning materials.While preparing these materials we want to specify the subject and we think as it belongs to our country we can explain it better.Our province Kastamonu is situated in Northern Anatolia and has got different natural beauties.We have got endemic and special agricultural and traditional food products. We want to prepare language learning materials using them.These agricultural products are:garlic,sugar beet, üryane, rice, and traditional food products as çekme helva, pastırma, etli ekmek, banduma, kuyu kebabı and tirit.Litrhuanians will show how to prepare national dishes such as kugelis and cepelinai and at the same time prepare flash cards and video material for the Turkish partners not only to get ecquaited with Lithuanian culture and traditions but also teach them some basic language. We think that the students in two countries will learn about their language and agricultural and traditional food products.The children of the countries-partners will use mobilities not only to get acquainted with the parner’s country, its traditions and customs but also will l prepare interesting language learning materials.While preparing these materials, unwillingly they will learn the basics of the partner country’s language.We hope that Europan languages which are less used will be encouraged and and language diversity in Europe will be enriched

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