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Through Diversity to Unity
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context of our project is to strengthen our institution. Our institution is a pre-primary school with 53 employees and over 400 children in day care aged up to 6. Our institution have two facilities in a small town of Struga, situated in south-western Macedonia. Our institution have ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, which is a motive for us to strive forward and to try to incorporate the European policies, especially the school policy, through project like this one. Our institution will send four participants chosen from our staff, to Prague on a training course. The participants will be representatives of all three ethnic groups present in our institution. Our objectives, which will help our institution to became an role model to other educational institutions in our community are: - improvement of the teaching and learning of languages and promote the EU's broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness - bringing positive and long-lasting effects on the trainees involved - increasing the capacity to cooperate on international level - revising and strengthening the professional profile of the teaching professions; - providing practical ideas for classroom - improvement of foreign language competencies - enhancing the intercultural, interethnic and inter linguistic awareness - promoting more active participation in society - improvement of the competencies, linked to the trainees’ professional profiles (teaching, training, youth work, etc.); - promoting broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education; - increasing the capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening within their educational organizations; - promoting greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity; - increasing the ability to address the needs of the disadvantaged; - increase motivation and satisfaction in the trainees’ daily work. - provide multicultural classes based on current trends in the methodology of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL); - deliver motivating techniques for multicultural instruction; - provide teachers with a bank of ready‐to‐use materials; - improve teachers’ confidence in developing appropriate tasks for their classes; - recommend practical publications for studying multicultural issues; - allow teachers to meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, discuss their background and cultural differences, share - - ideas on official and unofficial programmes supporting integration of migrant and minority pupils, and build a network of FL teachers for future cooperation; -provide teachers with insight into the cultural and social issues Our expected impact is: - Improvement of the level of key competences and skills - Improvement of language skills - strengthened professional profile of the teaching professions - positive and long-lasting effects on the trainees involved - increased capacity to cooperate on international level - practical ideas for classroom - enhanced inter-cultural awareness - internationalization at the level of education - broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education - encouragement of sharing best practices, ideas and materials between colleagues within the EU - improvement of teaching and learning of languages and promotion the EU's broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness - improved abilities to use innovative and student-centred pedagogical approaches and to develop appropriate assessment and certification methods, based on learning outcomes - boosted confidence in teaching subjects in English, improved teachers’ mobility - ability to use ICT-based teaching and assessment practices - acquisition of practical language to be used in the classroom - heightened awareness of different classroom techniques - Acquisition of new techniques, ideas, sources of materials The results of all activities taken for the whole duration of the project will be used in the dissemination and evaluation phase. We truly believe that after conducting this project, we as a team and our institution will make a step further, a step closer to the motto of the European Union, United in Diversity, and to the adoption of the European policies for education and European Strategy 2020.

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