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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a Youth Exchange Bilateral financed by the "Erasmus +: Youth" program of the European Commission. Exchange activities will be held in Gáldar among a group of young people from Sweden and another group of young people in this municipality. The theme will be the environment and the activities will be a series of workshops, meetings, discussions and reflections on the role of youth in the preservation and proper use of protected natural environments, particularly those on the periphery of large Municipalities: the so-called urban environment. The overall objective is to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in the conservation of natural heritage and learn personal resources to provide a means higher quality urban environment for us and future generations. The methods will be very active and participatory, detailing attached.The contact with people from other cultures, ways of interpreting events and situations, as well as the sharing of content between environmental youth come from different cultures and ways of understanding societies and nature implies a level of intercultural learning rich and intense. The values of the diverse culture found in the insular Europe and cosmopolitanism that characterizes Canaries are the key to a project of these characteristics ensure a sensitive approach to understanding and openness to new intercultural processes, understanding the difference (this including geographical), either within the peoples of Europe or outside Europe and promote values that ensure a society and some young people where racism, xenophobia or intolerant attitudes do not fit.This project will stimulate us to the young people participating in a positive perception of other cultures, being participants at all times of the development of the proposed activities together and seeing all our contributions and visions of the project itself are respected, as well as ratings for the world and Europe of the islands and their customs. The project supports dialogue and intercultural encounters with other young people who come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we have agreed to carry out an exchange in Suecia.The project helps to prevent and combat prejudice, racism and all attitudes leading to exclusion, through workshops and other participatory activities proposed, in which we will discuss the various environmental realities and the role of young people in Europe, among others.For a sustainable world and Europe it is important that we all change our habits and learn to ask for what we do and what are the things we do well in the area of our common European environment. We understand that we must go further in terms of a relationship with a territory that is not ours, but we accept as loans of future generations, that this Europe we enjoy is a loan not a gift, which forces us to design so precise and careful proposed activities together with our partner.For the promotion of social and personal development of young people who participate in the project, this project will enable spaces and ways of participation that will directly affect the socialization of those who will participate in this event, this activity getting an unforgettable experience for everyone.In terms of participation must say that, obviously, the first assets involved are the direct recipients, participants exchange groups. The implication was and is a maximum. We have been working for some time to make this project a reality (with division into working groups). We have had many meetings to discuss the program, activities etc. The working groups met regularly to solve practical details and to achieve what we think is a good project.
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