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Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

Thracian Past aˆ“ European Future is a short-term group EVS project (Action 2) under the Youth In Action Programme. Fourteen volunteers from seven countries aˆ“ Poland, Rmania, Italy, Turkey, Azerbajan, Armenia and Belarus will take part in it. The project will be held in archeological preserve Sboryanovo and it will take place between 14th August and 14th September 2012. The activities will include: Fieldwork - excavations with professional archaeologists (digging, object cleaning, map developing, geophysical measurements, photography), historical restorations (Thracian model of feast, games and rituals), educational visits to places related to Thracian history, drawing and describing archaeological findings, getting to know the ancient customs of the local people and visits of the Demir Baba Teke Alevi sanctuary, restorations, keeping an inventory and archaeological records, taking part in workshops and presentations, making of Thracian ceramic vessels, making jewellery and clothing inspired by the Thracians and demonstrations, cultural nights with presentations of each country; introduction of participants, countries and their most important archaeological discoveries. The main aim of the project is to promote young peoples active citizenship, their European citizenship in particular, foster intercultural dialogue, stimulating young peoples participation in voluntary activities and giving popularity to Bulgarian archaeology and Thracian cultural heritage.

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