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Think It, Change It!
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are the group of youngster who consisted in the roof of YKV. We are aware from the problems between different group of people and we think these problems are not insolvable. We would like to try to solve these problems with our inheritance from YKV through this project. Our aim with this project; showing there is no “other”. A person can have different ethnicity, race, sexual tendency, age, religious or skin color but it doesn’t mean that s/he should be considered as other. Alienation start with stereotypes which are created differently society-to-society and we are the youngsters who can start change in the understanding of stereotypes. We would like to change the perspectives of young persons in this way. As creating an unity with 20 people who are different from each other and we will prove differences is not a obstacle to see someone as one of us but not ‘other’. We will show if the right perspective can use it is not that hard to find similarities. In the end of our project, it will prove; there are much more similarities between people and less differences than people suppose. What we will discover? • Creating new and more strong relationships • Finding similarities which is unknown or ignored • Having many connections from all over the world • Creating inter-cultural friendships • Breaking the ices in the societies perspective • Bringing in to the youngster sensibility about another identities • Inoculating the stereotypes are wrong • Providing this skills, attitudes in their lives after project Our target group is young people who is between 18-25 ages from Italy, Greece, Czeck Republic and Turkey. Each partner has to be 5 person include 1 group leader accept our countries. We are planning to be 8 person include group leader. The person have disability about geography,culture and social has a priority about to join our peoject. And we are also provide gender equalty. The Project will be in Istanbul, Turkey for 9 days between 29 August - 6 September. In the end of our The Project, we are planning to present include “No Hate Speech” and “All Diffrent All Equal” projects that is Council of Europe’s too.
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