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Therapy dog training - European standards
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Therapy dog training - European standards is a project which meets the needs of the rapidly expanding dog assisted therapy market in Europe. The aim is to develop labor standards in dog assisted therapy with a system of training and certification, thus ensuring a high and easily verifiable level of dog assisted therapy professionals in European countries. Thanks to this, the professional group of therapists whose work is assisted by dogs will strengthen its position and image of professionals who are driven by high labor standards. The consortium creating projects and working on standards are institutions with numerous achievements in the field of dog assisted therapy, both in training therapists and conducting therapeutic activities involving dogs for diverse needs. The project will develop two leading results: 1 Methodological manual for training organizations and dog assisted therapy trainers, which will contain standards, norms and guidelines to conduct professional training in dog assisted therapy. 2 Open blended learning course, which will combine the advantages of free access and working at the participant’s own pace. This offers e-learning, as well as a thorough practical knowledge acquired through a stationary training. The course ends with a two-part exam, which allows the participant to obtain the European Certificate of dog assisted therapy. Both results will be disseminated and promoted, making them accessible for a broad group of interested buyers. Partners will make the effort to implement the developed norms in each of the partner countries, and then in other European countries as well. Such action will ensure the professionalization of dog assisted therapy services in Europe and make the profession of dog assisted therapy professional enjoyable and highly trusted by the customers.
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