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Theatre for Youth
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange "Theatre for Youth" will bring together young people from various European countries to explore their personality and European culture through theatre and acting. Theatre is a tool which can awake creativity of young people, who can talk about serious topics. Young people can show their cultural identity through artistic way. They will process topics like European citizenship, xenophobia in Europe and cultural diversity. It is exact example of intercultural dialogue which enrich people in social and personal level. The idea came from a few young people who are interested in theatre, acting and directing. Some of the study Academy of performing arts and they have strong experiences with professional acting and leading young people and children in non-professional group. Therefore, they are able to motivate and work with variable groups of young people with different levels of interest in theatre. Nowadays acting and theatre is very popular for young people. There are many professionals and non-professional theatre groups in every country. These groups explore theatre world and do their own kind of theatre. The youth exchange is great opportunity to show them professional methods of work, give them strong practise experience and let them see work and thinking of young people from foreign countries. Together they will be able to create European way of acting. During the exchange, participants from the France, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg and Czech Republic can gain a lot of experiences from every unique personality in particular countries. The 7-day programme of the youth exchange will consist of various practical and active workshops devoted to many kinds of artistic theatrical expression like non-verbal theatre and pantomime, working with theatrical text, improvisations etc. . Participants will also discuss about importance of theatre in present-day society. They will discuss and try different kinds and styles of theatre. Practical workshops will be complemented by professional feedback, debriefing, discussion and other reflective sessions. Participants will be able to promote and propose their own ideas and little workshops. Young people will create together also a performances with European topics. They will think up and create it from scratch. Young people will create together also a performance Participants will also communicate and interact with the local community in Metz where the project will take place. In the beginning of the exchange they will prepare the "intercultural dinner" where participants and local community will be able to see and try various kinds of typical food and drinks from participating countries. Day by day every participating country will present their country in so-called "national evenings" by various interactive tools like presentations, videos, photos, games, traditional dances and songs etc. In the end of the exchange there will be presentation of the French culture. All evening parts of programme will be available for public. Our aim is to get in touch with local community and share with them the project. We will also co-operate with the municipality and the local journalists to ensure visibility of the project.
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