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Theatre for open dialogue
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

This seven-day training course involves young participants from 8 organizations and it will take place in Serbia in September 2012. These participants are youth workers from SEE, Mediteranien & EU countries. The training will gather 24 of them and it will introduce them to a new, creative and innovative technique – Forum Theatre can be used to discuss a variety of important social issues. In this case, the theme of the project is open dialogue between different ethnic, sexual, religious groups. The youth will learn how to utilize Forum Theatre in order to promote mutual understanding in a multi-ethnic, social and other surroundings. The objective of the training is to emphasise the importance of fighting social exclusion and discrimination and to show the youth workers how they can do this in an innovative and creative way. Throughout the theatre training this group of multi-ethnic participants will discover the similarities among them and learn how to respect their differences and be more tolerant. Because of that it was taken care to partners be from very different countries. They will also learn to use specific tools and techniques related to forum theatre. The participants will also work on developing their own capacities for creating theatre presentations/performances and they will be shown how to lead the process with the audience after these presentations/performances and how to actively engage the audience in order to reach out to more diverse and wider target groups. Also they will be motivated to use Youthpass certificates. Aside from the training activities, the training course will include free time activities such as a city tour, meeting with local NGOs, intercultural evenings and other activities aimed at facilitating intercultural learning and tolerance building. Through this TC 24 participants will be empowered and motivated to take initiatives on the European level dealing with issues of exclusion of different vulnerably groups.

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