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Theater fixing connections
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The theater youth exchange will be held out on the topic of the meaning of our connection to other people in the society and understanding the obstacles faced by vulnerable groups of population in our communities (e.g. migrants, refugees, people with special needs). We will explore stories of marginalized persons through different theater approaches such as Verbatim Theater, Theater of the Oppressed, Dance Theater. As a result of the exchange we will be making a final performance on a Street Action Festival, which is organized by Youth Center Trbovlje, a local organization that serves young people in the community of Trbovlje, Slovenia. Participants will learn new unformal methods and become more confident in intercultural communication, which will help them in their future work. Together we will prepare a booklet of all theater methods that can be used in understanding and working with vulnerable groups, which will be available online for wider audience.Each country will bring 6 participant aged between 16-23 for the youth exchange and one mentor. We want to give a chance to young people with less opportunities (educational, economic and social problems).AIMS:1. Enhancing intercultural respect, connection between people with different backgrounds, tolerance to differences between people and their opinions.2. Breaking the stigmas about people seen as a social problem and connecting with vulnerable groups of people in our communities (migrants, people with special needs…).3. Learning and strengthening the creative expression through different theater approaches (Verbatim Theater, Theater of the Oppressed, Improvisation Scetches, Dance Theater…).4. Bringing theater art closer to people and breaking the stereotype about theater only making a classical performance on a stage, because it can be incorporated to increase awareness about social problems anywhere.5. Dissemination of outcomes of the exchange and promotion.OBJECTIVES:• Preparing theater workshops or discussions about our differences and similarities – before and during the exchange. (1)• Step in connection with migrants from local community in Trbovlje (there are many people from Serbia, Bosnia, and Macedonia living in our city) and maybe even with refugees who stayed in Slovenia. (2)• Paying a visit to at least one Center for people with special needs or migrants or refugees. (2)• Implement at least 3 different theater approaches (e. g. Verbatim Theater, Theater of the Oppressed, Improvisation Scetches, Dance Theater) to consider the topic of vulnerable groups. (3)• Having regular reflections and evaluations. (3)• Preparing a workshop about competences and Youthpass certificate. (3)• Preparing street actions in our local environment with different theater approaches for raising people’s awareness about theater and/or breaking stigmas about vulnerable groups of population - before, during and after exchange. (4)• Making a final performance on a Street Action Festival in Trbovlje. (4)• Every national group makes a representation of the exchange and video in their local environment. (5)• Preparing a booklet about theater methods for connecting with vulnerable groups. (5)• At least 10 publishing of the project in different media. (5)
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