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The WrITe Skills

The project aims at developing an e-learning tool for addressing youth and adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. It will produce a person-centered web-based multi-lingual tool and courseware with vocationally specific materials. Target groups are: people with low literacy/numeracy skills and limited ICT skills with a focus on youth at risk, lone parents, workers from declining industries, training and educational organisations, schools, tutors, teachers, community workers. Target sectors are public administrators and employment sectors, SME’s. and trade unions. The expected specific results are 1) blended learning materials in all partner languages (English, Italian, Greek, Slovenian) in an interactive media content dealing with literacy, numeracy and ICT proficiency. 2) training and induction of 40 tutors in the project platform, materials and pedagogy. 3) a website with a virtual Literacy Resource Centre. 4) Modules for literacy training in various formats (CD, TV, e-book), white board, DVD. Valorisation will be done by a national conference per partner, sending the project materials to Literacy associations, establishing a user-forum, addressing trade unions. Testing will be done by two traveller training centres in Dublin. The impact of the project is expected in terms of improving th skills of the target group, addressing the digital divide, demonstrating that an e-learning literacy programme can be widely accessible. Partners shall integrate the results into their training systems.

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