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The world in our hands- we can work it out.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled "The World in our hands- we can work it out" is the result of a preparatory visit held in Duyum Isitme Engellier Ilk ve Orta Okulu Müdürlügü in Bursa, Turkey in January 2013. The idea came from the Beatles' song "We Can Work it Out" which means, together, using active methods, we can overcome the problems raised in educating children and children with disabilities. By using these active methods we'll engage children easily in the activity and their attention increases. This project will teach us social skills which we can achieve by using active learning methods. The key skills needed will be taught in all partner school , we want to share our knowledge and together prepare teaching materials for civic education,materials about active learning methods and games pedagogy. The main aim of teaching staff is developing teaching methods and gaining new knowledge by opportunity to work with such mixed international team. Our aim is to create our students opportunity to learn in informal way during mobilities abroad which will cause that our students will be motivated for learning foreign languages and gaining multicultural skills but also we aim to develop students' basic skills in mathematics and literacy. Thanks to developing these basic skills our students will get better grades which will bring positive benefits during final school exams. Students will discover their personal learning style by taking part in lessons which will be based on intellectual output about learning styles. We aim to provide a happy and inclusive, caring and secure environment where pupils have a voice, equality of opportunity and where racial harmony permeates throughout all areas of school life and after can be passed to their daily life. Through this approach, children learn in a stimulating environment where the cultures and customs of all pupils and their families are reflected and where pupils feel a collective responsibility to maintain it. We also ensure cooperation among teachers and pupils where they develop a sense of their own worth and emerge with enhanced self-esteem and confidence thus exploring their full potential. The objective will be to find the ways through which positive reinforcement and praise is given and independence enquiry and initiative are encouraged. Within this partnership we intend to address this specific area of need in which both staff and pupils across the partner schools will play a role within the project as it encompasses an inclusive element. We are a team of 9 countries who have been working together at the same subject which interest all participants- active methods. social skills, game pedagogy but above all we want to share our innovative teaching approaches. School 33 is a coordinating school and will support and help all participating schools to carry out the project. School has previous experience in realizing Comenius so staff will share gained knowledge with all participants. Primary school 34 from Poland has joined us which will support the coordinating school as well as the teaching staff will bring new innovative advanced ICT technologies and they will share them with all. Partners from Finland and Sweden have a big knowledge concerning active learning and group dynamics so they will teach us . It 'll help us to prepare innovative pedagogical materials . Swedish school works with disabled students with autism so they'll support us with knowledge how all of us can work and what kinds of methods to use while working with such students.Turkish partner works with disabled students - hearing problems so they will bring specialism in this issue. French partner has a previous experience in game pedagogy. Greek, Swedish and Turkish partners have never taken part in such projects so the project will enable them to learn and gain new valuable experience.Poruguese school will bring knowledge in multiple intelligence, IT and create egames. Such international team will share good practise which will be essential to create high quality projects' activities and results. The main are -project website with bank pedagogical bookmark - published eTwinning project's website - board games - egames - ebook called ' European educational games' - Intellectual Output -Supporting student's personal development of learning style by using active teaching methods and techniques , publishing the innovation - "Active learning by Erasmus + team" publishing the book - minidictionaires -Cook Book - English , Maths and Mother Tongue Teaching Materials. IMPACT - Teachers : language skills, mastery of ICT, using new teaching methods, management skills Students: improved their basic and literacy skills which will be visible in their grades and final exams,Engilsh , ICT skills , discover personal learning style. Project realization will lead to a raise of school's status as a learning institution and gained knowledge will enable to apply for new European projects in the future.
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