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The women's tool kit for the identification and recognition of informal learning outcomes.

The recognition of learning outcomes acquired informally where they are taken intoconsideration, are often not given equal status as outcomes from formal and non formalcontexts and are very often not recognised at all either socially or on an institutionallevel. This impedes the equality of opportunity for women, because they are the groupwho spend most time in informal learning environments without being aware of thepotential these learning outcomes can represent given the right circumstances.The WINKIT project aims at providing innovative means to reduce inequalities in usingoutcomes of non formal and informal learning by providing innovative tools to includethe recognition and identification of women’s informal learning outcomes. It places theemphasis on making the learning outcomes of women’s informal learning visible andvaluable to the women themselves, their social and family networks, and in such a wayto open and facilitate pathways leading to more formal recognition (in employment, byaccreditation ). The project will link these learning outcomes into the European KeyCompetences for lifelong learning, putting the emphasis on learning to learn becausethis will spill over into many of the 7 other defined key competences.Providing methods and tools to make these learning outcomes visible, valid andauthentic will also enhance the value of these skills and competences acquiredinformally and should therefore make them more attractive for men too. WINKIT alsoaims at promoting a fairer sharing of these tasks, thus furthering the objectives of theRoadmap for equality between women and men 2006-2010.

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