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The wine routes in eastern Mediterranean: Limnos - Cyprus (The wine routes in eastern Mediterranean: Limnos - Cyprus)

The object of this proposal is to record and show the historical, social and economic conditions determining viniculture and wine-making in Limnos and Cyprus in the framework of projecting the broader arch of commercial, social and cultural exchanges linking the area of the Eastern Mediterranean. Today, Limnos and Cyprus are two nodal points of this arch from both a geographic and a symbolic and historical perspective. Specifically, they signify a North-South delimiting arch and a modern symbolic bridge between Europe and Asia and, from a historical perspective, link modern times with the past. Viniculture and wine-making in Limnos was systematically boosted towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century by the introduction of the Alexandrian variety of grapevine, which (also) refers to fellow Greek communities that prospered in Egypt during that period. Viniculture and wine-making in Cyprus have won awards from antiquity to this date. Expected Results: It is envisaged to implement a number of actions pertaining to the recording, projection and promotion of the wine culture by means of modern technologies (development of a bilingual web portal and a DVD to include a plethora of digitised material documenting the links between the two areas by tracing the wine routes from antiquity to this date). The tools to be used will combine research and recording making use of the latest presentation technologies (digital images, sound, video, virtual presentations and realistic 3-D images). Also, the DVD will include extracts of videotaping material shot in both areas and a nice documentary presentation in digital format will be produced showing the manner of production and distribution of wine in the two areas referred to.

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